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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Warid's Ad Attempts

The recent TVCs by Warid Telecom seem to reinforce the concept of 'commoditizing patriotism'. India has successfully applied the nationalistic elements in its commercial promotion which has served many purposes. Bangladeshi telecom companies seem to have aligned their advertising strategies well in line, by highlighting 'the pride of Bangladesh' in their television ads. However, Warid's ad seem to have fallen short in terms of creating any uniqueness, it appears to be vague until the end when Warid's logo appears. Although ads of GrameenPhone and BanglaLink are more or less similar in content, they have successfully grabbed the mind's share as far as advertisements are concerned.


Anonymous said...

Warid is the best....

Anonymous said...

how its THE BEST? i dont have any preference but not sure what makes warid best or special as to buy the product rather than the existing others we use. its better to say some thing more about your expression. would love to hear nd no offence.