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Monday, April 9, 2007

People's Republic of GrameenPhone

That day is not far away when GrameenPhone will become a state within a state. No wonder they have successfully integrated their services in every walk of their consumers' lives. Value added services such as BillPay, HealthLine etc. are just a few to name. It will become a part and parcel of a GrameenPhone user's life, making life difficult to imagine without the omnipresence of GrameenPhone, on the roads, on the banners, billboards and ofcourse in the hands and minds.


jatiswar said...

When you have option, you may or may not take it. If any user's life is "difficult to imagine without the omnipresence of GrameenPhone", s/he is the reason. Like in the matrix... its the "Choices". Another thing, if it was not GP, it would be any other company......

Shamim said...

I like grameenphone but..