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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Bloggers' Meet

Issues, I have in mind to place at the Bloggers’ meet today:

1. We need to start our own web portal. If blogging on personal web page is not possible right now, then the web should at least contain detailed profiles of the bloggers and update all our members about different news. Note that <> is still available.

2. We may classify our articles by industries. This will reduce the number of tags we have on our blog now.

3. We must have an editorial panel that may edit any article it thinks so. Editorial panel will certainly make all the articles more sparkling and realistic.

4. Bangladesh Corporate Blogs can contribute to the unemployment problem providing job-seekers priceless views about the corporate world. This will unquestionably put in the obliteration of the MAMA-CHACHA.VIRUS from the job market.

5. We have almost 500 members in our Facebook group. Often we find most of these members remain inactive. We actually do not need mass useless members; rather we should keep members who are active, innovative, and enthusiastic.

6. Often I confront questions when I go to promote our blog. As for example, “What’s the benefit? What will I get putting my thoughts on Bangladesh Corporate Blogs? Why should I do this? What’s the return?” and so on. So we should prepare unique answers to these questions. We may provide a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on our blog or web.

7. Blogging is completely a new idea in Bangladesh. So we have to instruct our folks about this. I ask (with due respect) our marketing enthusiasts to develop a way that is handy yet powerful to educate the people about corporate blogging.

8. I wish we could perform some Social Responsibilities as a team.

9. If some of us get proper accreditation cards or any other identity cards we may interview different corporate personnel regarding their thoughts on various issues.

10. I must admit we work hard. We strive to maximize our potential through this blog. And overall we are patience.
You know…these fuel growth. Today, tomorrow, and in our time to come.


Red & Green said...

good ideas saeed. if the domain is available, do we agree on the name? see what others say.

classifying the tags by industries is surely the right thing to do now, however i wonder if blogger allows that now.

we can form the editorial panel but that would mean that any post would have to wait until it gets nod from all the members of the panel. can we all bring out the time in the same day? or shall we say that a post will require one day to get approval and published to all authors?

number 4, is a sound proposition but needs elaboration and planning i guess.

an FAQ is a good idea.

educating the masso on corporate blogging needs patronizing. Lets see if we can get some universities, companies who can help us promoting the concept.

what kind of social responsibilities can we get engaged in? any examples?

lets design the identity cards, we will be needing them now.

thanks for your excellent and timely ideas.

Rezwan said...

So tell us about the meet. How many bloggers came? What was discussed ..etc.

Looking forward to the details.