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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to save your job in Bangladesh?

What else do we need to kiss to save our jobs in Bangladesh? Look at the chain above from top to bottom, starting from hand to feet to arse. All for that golden job. Which companies in Bangladesh have this culture the most? All? Some? Telecoms? Banks?....wonder.


Anonymous said...

I think we do it a lot in all industries. However, I have had first hand experience in Banks & Telcos.

shell said...
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ZI said...

I would say its a common phenomenon world wide. Some people climb up the ladder only bcos they are good at it (oiling), some have skills but still do it. I think it depends on organizational culture and its senior management's attitude.
Not to mention I have witnessed strong presence of this intangible phenomenon in Telco.

Derryck_Mimbari said...


I find the culture of 'Cow Towing' or Grovelling to foreign rule, foreign investors or investment, or foreign people.

Something that most cultures that were ruled or colonized still have to grapple with mentally, psychologically, and socially.

Unfortunately, Bangladesh is no exception. However, it is not who you grovel to, but how you do the grovelling!

Let me expain. If you allow yourself to be exploited willy-nilly by any employer or foreigner, because of a job, employment opportunities, or promotion.

Then expect to grovel for the rest of your employment with that firm, corporation, bank, or foreigner. Because that is what would be expected of you.

And grovelling does not give anyone or nation 'Self Respect.'

Poor peoples and countries in Asia are especially prone to this kind of mentality. I see it every day here in New York City. Where several; Asians from all over Asia and the Orient, feel that they must allow themselves to be EXPLOITED on the job, in order to keep it. Or get promoted.

And I CRINGE at this human Mental Slavery attitude.

Om Shanti.
New York City.

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