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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Professional Corporate Blogging in Bangladesh

Blogging. Corporate Blogging. Professional Corporate Blogging. The first concept is in its very nascence in Bangladesh. We are tying to promote the 2nd and the 3rd concept is a remote one, or is it really?

Do you run a business or a company? Or do you work for one?
Do you think having a paid corporate blogger in your company will be useful?
Do you think along with the conventional marketing tactics you are undertaking, including your website, corporate blogging can be the most powerful tool to promote your products/service to a worldwide internet audience?

Although you can start a blog for your company yourself, probably its too ambitious to do all these on your own at this stage in the context of Bangladesh. With a low penetration of internet usage, low awareness of corporate blogging, its not worth it to do all this now, but is it not worth thinking about it? Find out that person in your company who has a knack for writing on topics, s/he doesn’t necessarily have to be from the Market Research department, somebody from Sales, Customer Service or even HR or IT can do, as long as someone can produce a critical evaluation of your company, its products/services etc. As long as someone can defend allegations, complaints, keep secrets, humbly and gently beat own drums, announce new arrivals etc. all for the sake of your company, the objective is achieved.

It would be nice to see the herald of professional corporate blogging in Bangladesh, sooner or later.

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akram said...

so Nice Post.This is need for all.