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Monday, April 9, 2007

Awful Experience of an Indian at AIUB, Dhaka

February 22, 2006
Begum Khaleda Zia
Honorable Prime Minister of
The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Respected Madam,
This is to introduce myself as an internationally respected Academician and Academic administrator and to draw your kind attention towards my awful experience in Bangladesh as a fellow Bengali and a citizen of neighboring India with a hope receiving your kind attention and justice. Since early - 2004, I was offered to take up a Professorship at American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB), a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh which I finally accepted in May, 2005.
As per the understanding, American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) was suppose to pay me a monthly salary that is equivalent to US$ 2,000.00 plus a fully furnished independent apartment, car and two (2) return air tickets to Kolkata/ year. However, I was asked to sign two (2) different employment contracts one stating a monthly salary of Bangladeshi Taka 80,000 and another 118,000. The first contract was submitted at the Deputy High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Calcutta in June, 2004 with my visa application and the other was submitted to the Board of Investment, Dhaka in July, 2005 with my work permit application. During my tenure at American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh from 25th May, 2005 to 29th December, 2005, I was neither paid a monthly salary of US$ 2,000 nor I was offered with a fully furnished independent apartment, car and two (2) return air tickets, as promised. Furthermore, every month, I was paid different amounts between Bangladeshi Taka 72,000 and 118,000 with strange and unknown deductions towards leave, income tax, etc. The academic and administrative job responsibilities that were stated in the contract were never given to me while I was highly frustrated to see less educated, inexperienced and incompetent foreign nationals from academically and intellectually inferior countries were spoiling the standards of education which is already far below the Indian or global standards.
Since I was teaching a large number of senior MBA students at American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB), was popular as the best Professor among them and they were extremely dependent on my teaching for their final grades, I could not leave them and the university earlier and got exploited for over 7 months just for the sake of the Bangladeshi students. I left the Directorship of one of the India’s leading B-schools to join American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) for being a Bengali and to contribute towards the benefits of Bangladeshi students. I was neither given the due professional respect at AIUB nor the financial commitments were kept by them ! I was handed over with my final settlements on 29th December, 2005 less than two (2) hours before my return flight to India and I discovered that nearly Bangladeshi Taka 83,000 less were paid to me. This amount is consisting of the earlier leave salary deductions and cost of return air tickets which is still unpaid. It is surprising to note that organizations like American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) and its management are enjoying the status of “respected people” among the Bangladeshi society while they mislead and cheat foreign Academicians like me and the Bangladeshi labor law does not have a provision to protect a large number of foreign professionals ! In past 25 years, I have lived and worked in 16 countries across 3 continents but my experience of Bangladeshi education & teaching standards, governance of an academic institution and finally the exploitation of highly educated and accomplished foreign nationals like me was a real eye opener.
Although I am Indian by birth but being a Bengali always felt proud of the name “Bangladesh” but today after my awful experience in Bangladesh and its one of the best known private university “American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) “, I will certainly carry a very unpleasant memory and poor image of the nation like people from rest of the world. After following up my unpaid dues at AIUB, Dhaka, yesterday (21.02.2006), I have received a legal notice from their legal consultant with false and baseless allegations in which they also tried to point finger at my family life and personal character ! Last night, I have received a "life threat" call on my cell no from an unknown person threatening me to forget about my dues at AIUB, Dhaka and to keep quiet, otherwise, I will get killed ! This has already been reported to the Kolkata Police and an FIR has been lodged. Being an academician, I will also talk about my terrible experience at American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) in various academic meets and international conferences. Furthermore, I will be writing to a large number of respectable personalities, ministries and media in Bangladesh, India and to various American and western universities, UNESCO and other international development bodies from other nations which will surely not add to Bangladesh's image ! If educated and well accomplished academicians like me can get exploited in Bangladesh and can be the victim of framed charges to escape from making payments for unpaid dues of foreign nationals then the all human rights bodies can well imagine the situation of the local uneducated and poor class. It’s the time for all who are concerned about the exploitations in 3rd world countries to come forward to support my efforts to fight against the exploitation and injustice. Madam, if you are really concerned about the image of your own nation and truly looking ahead to a better Bangladesh, I hope you will take a strong action against the management of American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB) for their unethical, unprofessional and unfair actions. I also hope that you will instruct University Grants Commission of Bangladesh to take necessary actions. However, Bangladesh and its public administration system is being globally known for mammoth corruptions, I have my own doubts of any action. Looking forward to a favorable response from you.
Kind regards,
Dr. Sudhi Ranjan Dey


Anonymous said...

I m rwally upset to hear this letter.
Our PVt education service is nothing but shit.

Anonymous said...

Sir, hop u got ur money by tis tym...ur x student!

Anonymous said...

To the person who said pvt education is s***: something worse can same can be said about public universities. Where else in the world do you hear that a country's best technical university takes a month of for watching football world cup when we were not even in the competition. In public universities it is a well known fact that quite a number of the teachers and students are more interested in politics than studying!
Please don't judge a university by ramblings of unhappy former employee! He is a former employee.
If you want to judge the quality of AIUB please come and visit us and judge for yourself about what AIUB is all about.
Yes there are some private universities who give other private universities a bad name. Please note how much foreign all the good private universities are saving the country.

Anonymous said...

I think its really not fair to generalize all the private universities as s**t. Frankly speaking if I were an employer, I would have given preference to students from top five pvt. univs which according to me are NSU, IUB, AIUB, EWU and BRAC. I am not sure about the rest.

Anonymous said...

AIUB's about implementing punch-card systems for students whereas the students are busy doing this and that instead of studying. Even though a former employee of AIUB has writtten this complaint , it should be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

We all are living in Dhaka and aware of local happenings, know that AIUB is a den of spoilt, substandard, corrupt and sudden rich group of people who are known for their illicit relationships, womanizing, lavish life style but infamous for cheating as well as ill-treating academicians and staff. They left bad taste to many Bangladeshis and more shamefully several respectable foreigners like Dr. Sudhi Dey who was surely the best Professor Bangladesh ever had.

We most of the ex-students of AIUB urge the Tattabadhyak Sarkar to take a strong action against them.

Anonymous said...

Being an ex-strudent of AIUB and 3 of my brothers and sister studied in three other private univs in Bangladesh I must agree to the fact that they are all "s**t" !

Look at most of the CVs in the private universities who are either undergraduates or failed but holding the VC's chairs with false and purchased degrees !

Its just a money making business for some people who turned filthy rich from "education business" otherwise they would have lived their life selling fish or meat ! However, they consider selling education also like selling meat or fish.

I am one of those lucky students of Dr. Sudhi Dey and only those who studied under him know how lucky we were during our last semester to have such a great Professor.

No civilized person should support the AIUB owners because even if a teacher is bad or good his dues should be cleared. Especially, Dr. Dey is a foreigner and its matter of our national prestige and its not healthy to have so much of debate on such a topic in the net.

Private universities did nothing but offering extremely poor standard of education and produced many passouts like us who has no value outside Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they have no other option but to recruit us while everything is done by poor quality foreign experts and consultants.

We need to look at India and other Asian nation and not to US/ UK for learning.

Anonymous said...

I was a BBA student of AIUB and had the good fortune to study under Prof. Dey and he is surely the best teacher we had during our tenure in AIUB.

As per the management the best teachers are the basically the CHAMCHAS of the AIUB woners who neither know anything nor they can teach anything. One of their best always come and sleep in the class and the other one speaks in borrowed American accent and produce bullshit !

Current govgernment must fine AIUB in crores and should arrange to pay all the unpaid professors like Dr. Dey double the amount with the interest as well as an apology letter to save the face of our nation.

Anonymous said...

after i joined AIUB as an acad I read this text of Mr. Sudhi dey just after i joined AIUB as an Academician.i tried not to trust it but when the same happened to me i had no other option but to beleive it. i know the charishma of teaching of indian professors.gud that mr. dey has gone out of this hell.the management of AIUB is full of some whimsical people who give special preference to good looking women.once i heard 1 management personnel talking about hiring another faculty from one renowned private university just because he wants to gift his female secretaries(mistresses)a good looking male colleague.

i wish my father too earned crores of money from Saudi Arab and set up a private university in the city of dhaka like the founder of AIUB.The top management personnel of AIUB who are he daughter/sons/close telatives of the founder.the alchoholic,chain smokers(smokes 20 ciggarette in 2 hours) sons of the founder of AIUB are never-married-womanizer who also indulge themselves in illicit activities with their sectretaries in the office premises.they are very good at shouting at their academicians at the highest pitch of thier voice using slang languages and deducting salaries of the existing faculties for no valid reason and if u want to move out from this hell ,they will put you in trap and will eat atleast two months salary which is a big amount.

Thats not all.there are some male faculties who show obscene behaviour with their female students and colleagues.inspite of knowing it,the management don't take any action against it rather they are the one who will be working there for years as they know how to do buttering to the management personnel.

i'm really surprised to see the comments posted by some ex-student of AIUB.Thank you very much buddies for speaking up your mind.

Anonymous said...

As we are reading more and more inputs in this blog people are learning more about the AIUB and its culture ! As the insiders we all have seen these and knew these well but its good that now its being published and the people are being exposed to the public.

I hope that caretaker government should clean this mess in the name of private university and will put all the family members of the AIUB owners behind the bar. They should not spare the old father and mother of this lot of people for producing such "bastards" and also for encouraging them to do allthe sin that is strictly unacceptable in Islam.

I am one of the ex-professors of AIUB who has been a victim like others as I never accepted the nonsense of the VC, owners and was vocal and protested against them.

To my surprise I experienced that the old father of the owners (Dr. Anwarul Abedin) whom I respected as my own father also changed his color, took off the good guy mask and became the same his children in nature ! Above all they are the chip of the old block and I am sure that they belong to the family of Mirzafar who gave the Bengal as well as the India to the British and is a legendery betrayer in the world history.

Manzur said...

We all know these is Caretaker Government will take action against them ?

Anonymous said...

We all know these ..... but can you guyz answer my questions ?

Think of the best professor at AIUB who looks like a fat pig, walks and acts like the same and in the place of teaching finance sleeps in the classroom. Who is that ?

He is the blue eyed boy of the owners of AIUB ..... can someone answer .... why ?

Can someone answer why the AIUB drivers collect cash every Friday morning from the owners for the weekly shopping of the "Vice Chancellor" of AIUB ?

Can you guys tell me for how many years the "Vice Chancellor's" elder daughter has been living together with my countryman (my friend) and where ?

How many times "Vice Chancellor's" younger daughter got pregnant and by whom ?

Why Dr. Sudhi Dey left AIUB and how his final settlement was not made to him ?

Who are the greatest "CHAMCHAS" of AIUB owners among the AIUB staff and faculties ?

All correct answerer will be rewarded by 1000 taka.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tremendous comment on my bringing the matters into the web blog which i was planning to do. the trauma i had to go through during my resigning process,i had to express it infront of everyone as i beleive this is not a one-man war,many n many highly qualified and well-educated faculties have gone through all these,so somebody shoulld raise his/her voice and i thought why not me?

It only happens at AIUB i guess.......6 well-educated and experienced faculties resigns just within 10 days as they raised their voice against the mischief of the management.

all the coordinators of AIUB are the ex-student of AIUB,don't even know how to speak in english properly but they are in the good book of management.i being a ex-academician there know it very wel that if you know how to butter your tachers and if u have a pretty face(woman) you get a super solid A+ grade and ensure your job in the administration building of IUB as the alchoholic sons of the founder sit there.

someone wrote about the Dean of Business school Dr. anwar hossain who happened to ne a formner director if IBA.yes,he is one of the devil AIUB has,who is a slave of the management as he is earning a fat amount by doing so.the Dean has no time for the university's activities,student's welfare rather he gives top most preferance to his family matter during his office hour and knows best how to discriminate his colleguaes on the ground of race,religion,gender,experience,educational background etc.
we got to know from another person about the character of the VC and her two daughters one of them is also teaching there.there are also two whores sitting in the so called HR department who does nothinbg but to entertain the top management with their tight-fitted clothes and overtly painted faces who are sometimes sponsored to go to bangkok/singapore for shopping by their bosses.

Enamul said...

The fat ass PIG must be NISAR AHMED the slave no. 2 after ANWAR HOSSAIN who is slave no. 1. There are many more like them who all are ready to offer their mother and sisters to the owners of AIUB to keep their jobs safe and have their personal gains.

Anonymous said...

Guys as a well wisher all I can say is this blog is the place where you can discuss among yourselves. But these are serious matters and u MUST raise these issues high. I would suggest you all to team up and put a letter to the Chief Advisor and copy to all advisors, if you really want to have these people punished for their misdeeds.

Bangladesh Corporate Blogs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bangladesh Corporate Blogs said...

With due respect to the conversation participants, I would like to request not to mention any names, just as a publishing principle.

What we have learnt about AIUB management from your first-hand experience is serious and the misdeeds need rectification from quarters concerned. However, lets spit fire on mismanagement and not on names. Also, not using swear words would be highly appreciated. Comment moderation is not enabled to encourage free speech.

Hope to continue witnessing this interesting conversation. Thanks for your readership and contribution.

Abdullah said...

Its really unfortunate to note that when the truths are coming out with a huge number of public support the management of media is trying to hush up the truth.

Its important that the readers should know the names and the truth both unless its the money and power of the corrupt people who are standing between the truth and punishments.

Although I am not either of the parties who has been involved in the issues but know the owners of AIUB so well and have no doubt that everything is written above are truth and nothing but truth.

It really needs guts to carry the truth forward and to punish the culprits, and I hope your website has the guts to do so.

Anonymous said...

Shame on AIUB and shame on its owners ! Shame on Bangladesh's black sheeps and its corrupt mechanism.

Hope newly established Caretaker Government will punish the bad faces of Bangladesh and will bring social and financial justice to the victims.

Wake up everybody .....

Zafar Mohammed said...

If this is "American International University of Bangladesh" our old government run colleges and universities were much better as they never spoiled the face of the country rather they produced many legends who glorified Bangladesh inside and outside the country. Not to forget most of the Indian Bengalee legends are the products of the institutions of this part of Bengal.

Salahuddin said...

Really shame on AIUB and its management ! Good or bad, efficient or inefficient one must pay the dues with fine and interest of the people whom they didn't pay. There should not be any excuses.

We all heard a lot about Dr. Dey when he was here although we passed out of other universities.

Anonymous said...

i fully agree with Mr. Abdullah taht we should raise our voice against it and also mention the names of the gand otherwise this people will roma around the soiety weraing their mask of academician.

Didarul said...

I am requesting the Corporate Blog ppl to delete that topic where there is an open option for all to leave their personal anger or the fake allegation against one leading private university.

Anonymous said...

I was too an Ex-BBA Student of AIUB. I was a victim of the faulty administration of AIUB. Basically this versity is running by a family. They treat the student/teachers as their servant. AIUB students usually says, AIUB is simply a "Dillika Laddu".

Karen said...

You should know three important facts about AIUB:
1) AIUB does not give any release letter to their teachers when they resign; so that, they cannot go to other universities.
2) AIUB runs a Pearson VUE Testing center that stopped its activities after this caretaker government took power. It is because, AIUB does not transfer money to foreign countries legally.
3) AIUB runs CISCO and Solaris courses; however, they have not paid a single penny to the instructors.

Anonymous said...

Sudhi ranjan dey is a known crook in India also. Hence, he should be the last person to cry "foul" for imagined atrocities

Anonymous said...

I am back again, as a faculty member of AIUB, today I want to reveal some more facts about AIUB tax management system. We know that every organization needs to conduct an audit from a renowned chartered accountant farm and need to submit that report to government. AIUB has a marvelous strategy in this case. They employed the owner of a charted account farm as one of the directors; so that, they can easily manipulate the report on their own. Therefore, even though the owners of AIUB buy Mercedes jeeps, BMW cars, drinks expensive wines proudly in front of thousands of students, government cannot see what’s going on.

Anonymous said...

As a faculty member of AIUB, today I want to reveal some facts about AIUB VC’s two daughters who are x-students of AIUB BBA department. During exam weeks, AIUB operates 2 special exam rooms for students who have several valid reasons for not to sit in the regular exam rooms. However, to get permission to sit there is a hazardous process. For the last 3 years, whenever I went to exam control room to report, I found huge queues of students waiting to get permission for that room. However, deputy registrar let them go to only one room where the other room is completely empty. More surprisingly, only 2 specific teachers get the duty to serve in that room even though no student was there. One day, I was looking for one of those specific teachers and went into that special exam room. What I saw there is, VC’s youngest daughter sitting there with an open book and exam script. I knew that was not an open book exam and I immediately understood what was going on. I was more shocked when I saw that she was awarded special achievement award in the convocation ceremony. I think you will faint to know that she is a co-coordinator now; even though, she just completed her graduation 1 year ago. Shame on AIUB!! However, I am not going to quit. I’ll reveal all hidden truth as an undercover employee.

Anonymous said...

I have no knowlege of AIUB. But Sudhi Ranjan Dey is a shady character. His degrees are fake. His experience is imaginary. How can he call himself a professor? He is characterless - goes around with women with low character. No lady shows any interest in him. He is full of inferiority complex. Basically a crow trying to be a peacock. I take strong objection to his calling himself an academician and a professional. He is neither. Jayant

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please give more details about this fraud who masquerades as an academician?Please come forward to give details before he pulls off another fraud on some other unsuspecting educational instituition.Ravi

Anik said...

Dear Sir,

We feel really sad for you. Hopefully everything will be alright soon. AIUB has done a shameful job here. But after reading your blog, I feel really bad, A person like you with such an educational background can comment like this about a whole country. You can't judge the whole country depending on a single incident. I totally agree that AIUB authority should be punished for what they have done.

We know, India is much bigger then Bangladesh. But it doesn't mean, you don't have any corruption on your country either. So hopefully, from future, you will understand that a comment like this about a country can hurt the whole nation. Anyways, we will pray from the bottom of our heart so that you can get the right judgment soon.

Guide to Bangkok Hotels said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very informative. I love to read it and do hope to read your next story.

ali biplob said...

lol.. if u guys say Private Universities are S**t then why do u send your brothers and sisters to those place. why not National Universities.:D.. And if u want to talk about AIUB then listen now AIUB has so many Faculties who are far better than Dr. Sudhi Ranjan Dey . And yes as a HRM student i know .. what is called Global Employee and how their compensation should be.. and yes dear dir.. if u want to talk about AIUB's management AIUB has the best management system so far. if any other university doesnot exit in this Bangladesh. AIUB will still be creating leaders.. for Bangladesh..
And dear respected sir.. do u sell your knowledge with the student then why are u saying AIUB has payed u less! sir just think about sharing knowledge rather than selling knowledge. we the students want good teachers and hate who do business with his knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I;ve been shocked to hear such stupidity that AIUB did with an honorable professor. Can anyone guess how much he 'd been rages for above issue. I don't find any reason to cosider any vulgerence with any teacher being a current student of AIUB. No doubt rather than any private university AIUB already been able to figure out it's creadibilty in the knowledge selling market, But i'd happend. Being a student no one can restrain me for rasing my voice against this violence ; Yes violence against huminuity;;; Bichare Chai;;;

Anonymous said...

The number of negative comments from different people about AIUB is confirming that even we do not know anything about the university but its really a pathetic place. There are only one posting in the name of "Jayant" who had tried to turnish the image of our highly respected and loved "Dey Sir". Ask thousands of students from AIUB, Manipal and other colleges studied under him what an amazing person he is and how great he is a Professor, Mentor and Guide. "Jayant" must be either someone from AIUB management who often tried to make personal attack of "Dey Sir" in different names who is a weak, cunning and spineless character.

Anonymous said...

Well, "weak", "cunning" and "spineless" Jayant is truthful also. All the "good words" about Sudhi ranjan dey are by himself in the guise of his students. Ask any genuine student of AIUB, Manipal, IBMR and they will tell you that he is a worthless teacher. How can just a B Com pass person teach MBAs? Sudhi your bought degrees do not confer any capability to you. You are simply a crook - that too an incompetent one as i confirmed by your expulsion from all the institutes you joined. All your degrees and certificates are false - a simple fact. It is your deep-rooted inferiority complex that makes you claim things you do not possess. We pity you. Rajesh Jayant