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Sunday, December 2, 2007

10000 towers mean 10000 trackable locations

The Daily Star reports
Grameenphone has recently commissioned the 10,000th base station in its nationwide network, reaching a new milestone in the country's telecoms sector. The 10,000 base stations are located in about 5,700 sites around the country, said a press release.“ The company has so far invested more than Tk 10,700 crore (US$1.6 billion) to build the network infrastructure since its inception in 1997. It has invested over Tk 3,100 crore ($450 million) during the first three quarters of the current year while Tk 2,100 crore ($310 million) was invested in 2006 alone.Grameenphone is implementing an aggressive roll-out programme by installing new network elements with an emphasis on maintaining quality service. A number of steps are being taken to identify the problems spots in the network in order to constantly improve quality.Grameenphone has built the largest fibre optic cable network in the country with 2300 kilometers of fibre along the highways. It also has leased from Bangladesh Railway another 2000 kilometers of fibre along the railway tracks.
Introducing location based services has been one of the hot topics discussed in this blog. 10000 base tower stations imply 10000 trackable locations around the country. It is surely in the offing for GP to come up with a unique VAS such as the Location Based Services. The question remains that of timing, as to exactly when GP will launch a service such as this. Majority of its customers are still discovering the chills and thrills of downloading ringtones, wallpapers and welcome tunes, there is no need to show your ace card if the play is suitably in your favour as of now, when the need will arise, the trump card will be shown....and Location Based Services will be an interesting trump card in the context of Bangladesh.

1 comment:

zubayer said...

This article lacks some major technical data though it is teeming with financial data. GP has expanded it's services and went up to set up 10000 BTSs' around the country but does this BTSs' include all those in highrise buldings. As each bulding need more than one BTS then GP haven't gone a long way. The focus of business is shifting to less saturated markets like ours. Had GP invested in compare to indian providers like Hutch in a single state.