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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Vodafone subscriber you are trying to reach does not wish to receive your call

Do you often see yourself taking calls you don't want to? Well, you can now block all unwanted callers with Vodafone Call Filter, says Vodafone.

It’s undoubtedly a great thing. You’ll hardly find a person not receiving such unwanted calls from ghosts. These unwanted calls can be classified as two categories, namely, missed calls & anonymous calls. The former one makes you sick of getting missed calls from people who don’t want you to be in peace, and the later one makes you the target of some stupid mobile-assassins.

Vodafone, in India, has recently started to provide their customers with Call Filter service that allows them to add numbers to a Blacklist. Whoever phones, assuming s/he be in the blacklist, will hear a prerecorded message, The Vodafone subscriber you are trying to reach does not wish to receive your call. Vodafone is charging only 99Rs/month for the service.
I wish our telecos start the same here in Bangladesh too.


Iqbal said...

it is high time our telcos introduce a network-provided service such as this.

Dusk said...

Dear Mr. Iqbal,
Thank you for your comment.

One of our corporate bloggers posted an excellent article looking upon the reasons why the telecos aren’t responding to this problem. If you wish, you may have a look at the post by clicking the following link:
Rock on.

mohsin said...

now there r many competetors n when people get annoyed they usually change to the low tariff sim. sims r now cheap so companys r not profiting enough from new sim purchase.they r getting money frm active sim which makes call.telcos r also giving subsidies to sims i heard. now customer go fr sim with better service in all sides and higher brand value. so maybe fr gp its more profitable to provide this barring service than getting revenue frm these prank calls n sms. n whoever company is providing this service fr the first time will get upperhand on others as on 1st rush many customers will switch to that company and it also will definitely add value to their brand better than welcome tune,push-pull service,jinnie etc. It will b better than health line in revenue fr gp.

Didarul said...

In Oct 2006, I have propoesed that case in my written test for VAS, Marketing, GP. The title of the case was "You Blocked"

N Q said...

This is one thing we desperately need in this country. I get about 45-50 missed calls from random numbers everyday. Even my mother gets random missed calls. When is this ever going to stop?