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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Place your order before you smoke

The wind chills and blows against the surface of my skin, layers of clothing protecting my tired body. Cigarette in my hand, breathing in the toxic flavor of a camel, granting my lungs the smoke and nicotine it demands. I look around my surroundings and survey the other victims of addiction. Yeah, all of us are the same. We have one reason to come up to this far, to smoke a cigarette.

I am talking about Probashi Café, Bashundhara Shopping Mall, Dhaka. What a piece of business they have started! God bless them all. You know, it’s really impossible to smoke in the mall. Being an air-conditioned box, it has proscribed all of us, I meant smokers. Whenever you go shopping in there, you can’t even bring out the B&H pack from your pocket. So our only hope stands on top of our head at the 8th level of the mall, the café.

It’s a nice business indeed; very simple in nature. You know a lot of smoking punks come in, and search for an appropriate place to meet their thirst. So you lease a roof-top-terrace beside your café, and put a leaflet at the entrance that keeps saying, Place your order before you smoke.

Interestingly you’ll always find so-so quality food looking forward to making your wallet frail up there. However, you’re left with no other choice. You have to make some orders before you get the VISA to that balcony.

So every time I walk in there, I put an order for a juice or coffee. I have found these to be cheaper.

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