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Monday, December 24, 2007

Outsourcing sacrifice, sacrificing outsourcing

Sometimes it gets really difficult to link a topic to the given mandates of a publishing platform such as this blog. Nevertheless, we are always allowed to stretch our imaginations and establish some sort of a link to abide by the rules set by the blog. So the far-stretched link of this post with a business concept is this, is there any provision of springing up of ‘temporary’ companies in Bangladesh providing ‘pre-during-post’ korbani services especially in urban areas?

With due respect to religious sentiments and rituals and due caution while avoiding hurting any religious values, the question being asked is, is it possible to outsource the holy-slaughtering act away from in front of my house, the ‘chipa goli’ where I live or from the main streets of Dhaka city where we usually ply through….all away to designated slaughter houses? I don’t know how it is in the ‘true Muslim’ countries in the Middle East or how they do it in the US or even in ‘confused’ Muslim nations like Malaysia or Indonesia, but do they slaughter their holy sacrifices right in front of their houses, on the main streets of Riyadh or Kuala Lumpur? I really don’t know, due to my limited knowledge and exposure. But I wonder if it is possible to buy your favorite goru-khashi from the market and put it in designated ‘slaughter houses’ for your neighborhood, for a fee, paid to the probably private run makeshift owner of the premises. If you and your small children are interested to see the rituals with your own eyes, may be you can go to slaughter house yourself to see the act. Seeing how smoothly the knife is rubbed against the neck and how the blood spills over the pitch surely makes young kids mentally strong and practical. But why this is done? Who bothers to tell them that. However the service provider will eventually provide you with the meat bags, the cow-hide and you will sign a document/invoice denoting the end of service receipt. How about that?

I kill mosquitos with my Chinese-made electric racket, I derive sadistic pleasures while seeing the dirty mosquitos explode into thin air when in contact with the wires. However, laying to rest an animal as big as a cow or goat requires guts and spiritual motivation, which I lack miserably. Nevertheless, it sometimes gets a bit uncomfortable to see raw blood, cowdung and intestines left and right everywhere in an ‘anyways’ dirty city like Dhaka, which gets worse to see blood-laden-knife-wielding-blood-spotted-panjabi-pora hujurs running here and there to accelerate our sacrifices. I have also witnessed many foreigners taking videos of animal slaughter from the safety of their verandahs, they find the act very ‘interesting and intriguing’. But I am sure when they email those videos to their friends abroad they deplore how ‘barbaric and dirty and ruthless and merciless’ we are when it comes to religious ceremonies such as this. Which is not true right?


Anonymous said...

Read Mac Haques article

Net Pathik said...

Hi Red & Green,

Islam says that you have to divide the meat after sacrifice into 3 parts. 1 for the poor, 1 for the relatives, and 1 for yourself.

So it is wise to sacrifice in 3 different places. This season, I have sacrificed in 3 vaga (share) in 2 different place. 2 shares at Pirojpur, where our relatives & poor people are available and 1 share in Dhaka.

For the US residents, outsourcing the 2 shares of the sacrifice to Bangladesh can be wiser choice. Because, your relatives and poor people live in Bangladesh. This will also increase the remittance.

Asif Anwar