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Friday, February 8, 2008

Against all evens

Sometimes things get fuming when you try to advocate for someone who is already colored in the society as ‘Hell Boy’. Lately a super-duper-bumper-jumper story of some Titas-ites have swung the country with fears, dreads and buzzes. But it did tickle me reversely! Otherwise, I’d not be writing articles of this sort. In a nutshell, a recent discovery by the country’s watch-robots have unveiled some misdeeds of their brothers in their own houses! Let me have the pleasure to quote from The Daily Star regarding one of the Hell Boyz endeavor,” The story of former Titas Gas sales assistant Abdul Kader Mollah would probably beat all incidents so far known about amassing wealth through illegal means. Believe it or not, as an employee drawing only Tk 4,000 in salary when at career's peak, Mollah accumulated wealth worth over Tk 2,100 crore. He has 15 industries, 13 flats, 29 vehicles, a five-storey building, a one-storey house, a farmhouse and 45 acres of land and a balance of Tk 18.53 crore.” Aha! how does that feel to read, hmm? Here you’ve just known about one Mollah. But there remains too many, let’s let them keep in peace and move my post ahead.

So everyone looked how bad these people have been throughout these 30 years, but, I believe, no one ever looked how well they contributed to the economy. I admit, I am not good at economics. But as a free-thinker, can I talk a little about it? I don’t know how many people were employed in their industries, how many families earned a day’s bread from the income which generated by working in those places. A lot of fathers felt relieved sending their children to schools from the income from those houses, no doubt. How many people were indirectly connected to those businesses, does anyone have any idea? Whatever those Hell Boyz did, they kept the wheel of the economy on the run. You can raise your eye-brow, and say,”... but they amassed a huge amount of ill-gotten money, didn’t they?”. Hmm, very very right! However, if they stockpiled those in the banks, and since we know how the banks do business, it’s quite unreasonable to question about the money.

Undeniably these boyz have been visionary businessmen. They know how to get set into the loops and earn profit from them. They know how to make quick cash. They create cash-cows for their businesses. Interestingly, they don’t have any BBAs/MBAs. So it’s a great news for the community which has been repeatedly complaining about the job availability for non BBA/MBA grads. May be rather detaining these hell boyz we can give them a chance. Perhaps they can uplift the corporate culture, who knows? Remember Steven Spielberg’s Catch me if you can? Leonardo DiCaprio (as Abagnale) acted superb out there. Abagnale (the real guy) was later posted as an FBI official as he was an expert in fraud-check identifying. So what do you say, don’t these hell boyz deserve a chance?

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1 comment:

Rahat said...

Economic contribution through corruption hurts those in the middle and lower class more than it turns the wheel. While it's not good to have a completely socialist economy where people lack the self-interest to innovate and work harder, it's necessary to pay fair wages to instill some level of motivation because corruption and cronyism staggers the potential for upward mobility.

So, no, turning the wheel is not enough. You have to give hope to the people. In return, corporations will be more efficient and, in the long-run, profits will surpass their existing, mediocre ones.