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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

R.I.P. Manna Bhai and pray for us from up above

I am afraid I belong to that group of our society which never frequents the cinema halls of Bangladesh to watch Bangla movies. Once in a blue moon….Star Cineplex…movies by Humayun Ahmed or Sarwar Farooqi…c’est tout. Nevertheless, I also belong to that group of our society which keeps eyes and ears open for latest news and information and who on this earth was called Manna is nothing new to me. Albeit I haven’t watched a single movie of his, neither I ever wanted to, but I was pretty much aware about his stardom and popularity among a huge section of Bangladeshi movie loving crowd. Rest In Peace Manna Bhai…you made people laugh, you made people cry, in reel life, now in real life too…you made them cry for a longer period…through your final exit from the cinema of life. I wish you were there to tell us a bit more what exactly happened during your final hours. Many still keep on guessing that how can a person actually see his end even after self-driving to the hospital seeking medical attention. Many still keep on suspecting that experiment-loving businessmen (read doctors) were delighted at the prospects of tearing apart the chest of the Bangladeshi film star. And as usual and as always, something went wrong, went out of control and his life had to be controlled by the artificial support systems…while the heavy degree doctors (with MBBS, FCPS, ABCD, LMNO behind their names) and their cronies stood ‘united’ at the emergency wing of ‘United Hospital’ finally praying to God and asking for miracle and mercy. Manna became just another brick in the wall, with the difference that since he was famous, I am writing this post here, I never wrote any post for many unknown victims who are being laid to final rest…thanks to the ‘United’ docs and their Aides in the ‘Lab’, they are making sure no one comes back alive from their hands.

Forget about me, myself and this post…after all who am I? I am not even as famous as Manna was. So let me advocate for a famous (again) political leader of our country who recently expressed her unwillingness at first for medical treatment in local hospitals. Later on her advocates must have convinced her to get back to square one to seek treatment in a leading local hospital (hotel) called Square Hospital. I think that political leader is too shy to just say point blank that she does not want to rely on the expertise of local hospitals and their semi-educated-death-agents, she also fears ‘foul play’. For matters of protocol, she cited reasons of her security…she is intelligent and surely a politician. She just doesn’t want to become yet another brick in the wall, like Manna Bhai….after all she should be kept alive…as she is so eager and honest to serve me and my countrymen (?!).

I don’t know how many more posts will be published on the malpractice of our hospitals. I live very close to United Hospital and in any unfortunate moments of emergency, will be rushed to that very United only…I hope I don’t get to meet Manna Bhai any sooner. You RIP Manna Bhai and pray for us from up above.


Imran said...

What do you exoect from a bank which is owned by scamsters like Morshd Khan (ex foreign minister) and his prodigal son Faisal Khan who are currently absconding? For a long time, this bank has taken law at their own hands and made a mockery out of all statutory regulations of the country. Be it artificially escalating their share price to doing shady transactions through dubious AB Bank Foundation. And now latest is this AB Bank Merchant banking scam!

AB Bank is not the only one who have been flouting around all the regulations, most of the local banks are (barring a very few banks)! This saddens me to think our financial institutions lack such corporate governance which can be found in foreign banks. Such strong corporate governance makes these institutions sustainable.

DocOc said...

Regarding the article on mr. Manna...i would'nt blame the docs like that...i know that healthcare of bd leaves a lot to be desired..but in this case as far as i know..manna had beed having chest pains for a week before his death...he was advised for rest & initial tests which he ignored..also after the heart attack...he was advised for immediate intervention which i'm sure u know in cardiac cases is vital(minutes mean muscles..!)...which was also ignored by his u can't balme the docs only..i'm repeating again that there r many examples of malpractice but every case shd be individually scrutinized...& incase u r wondering..i'm a doc..but i did'nt comment here to defend healthcare proffessionals only..just to clarify it a bit...though i'm no "specialist" & may be wrong...