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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The name's Bhond...Jasim Bhond...

One of the things that Anders (James/Jasim) Jensen (Bond), the blue-eyed blue-blooded Swedish spearhead of Grameen Phone is famous for, is his cost cutting measures. ‘They’ say he was famous for his massive lay-offs during his tenure in Siemens (unconfirmed), as a means to cut costs and streamline organizational processes. Remember how James Bond poses with his Aston Martin or Omega watches? I don’t know why but when I saw Mr. Jensen holding the Blueberry in his hand posing in the media briefing session, I could see flashes of a new James Bond avatar in him. We are perhaps allowed to make a local version of it…how about Jasim Bhond(o)?

Well, he might be someone working on behalf of BCI (Bangladesh Counter Intelligence…remember Masud Rana?) or against BCI….something which we are still not sure about. Agent Bhond has a mountainous burden on his shoulders to clean up the mess created by previous agents Terik Khaas and Dhola Bee. One of the certain things that agent Bhond might contemplate doing is immediate layoffs. Keeping in view the recent tussle with BTRC and increasing tiger roars from Banglalink, papa Telenor has missed periods…sorry profits this year. My friend who works in the IT department of GP is somewhat worried about her job. That is what happens when the company becomes too big. A time comes when the curve goes for a nose-dive and massive measures are being taken to cut costs and remain competitive. My friend is still confused whether the probable merger in the telecom industry will bring the axe of being fired on her head or will it open up better opportunities for telco professionals like her. As executives in Aktel are licking their lips to have a bite on the big Vodafone cake, while Banglalink keeps on roaring big day by day, a good number of GP staff are left wondering in dilemma and uncertainty. May be agent Bhond need to get good directions from head office to keep up the morale of his staff, recent measures to increase inter-department/division efficiency has also risen scopes for ‘corporate bitching and back-biting’, as some bitches and back-biters and ‘bitten-at-the-backs’ appalled.

So the big question is, do you think the telecom sector of Bangladesh is set to create more jobs or we all should be prepared for a big squeeze in the job market, in the industry and in our pockets and in our pockets of expectations too? Only God, gods and agent Bhond know.

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