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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chakri ta ami peye gesi Bela shunso...........

Most people in their student life face cash constrains for moving with their dates. But do people feel so intensely after entering the corporate world, allegedly donning with the cash power? With the increase in education among our female peers or for their inevitability in some of the posts, more of them are working in our corporate world. More fair looking girls are glazing at the receptions or some other chairs not only for their brighter complexion but also for their temperament. But that is not a problem untill a stout looking, handosme stumbles upon one of these co-workers. My article is about these corporate blues.

Films from Bollywood try to portray this 'falling in love' is a common phenomenon in the corporate world. Films like 'Life In A Metro' is based on a cobweb of intricate relations, where someone is courting other's wife or lower in position girls are dating with bosses for an extra advantage. But whatever is the depictation, most stories roll down to a bed, for some passionate love making scenes. Films like 'Agger' goes into the length of calling this 'physical relationship' a settlement. But is our corporate world is so mature to go frolicking with such a radical conservative outlook of our society?

Rekha never feels so ardently about Aarman, although they went about for some dates on a couple of occasions. Though it is not upto a state of infatuation, she has a feel good relationship with him. But it was not the same when Aarman first joined at this office. With a rugged looking face and a stocky aspect, Rekha didn't even bother to give him a second peek. But as a next desk mate she had to share some views with him, even had him overheard some of her secret conversations. She couln't desist the olive branch extended to her in the form of some tempting gifts. He could finance some of their dates at some posh hotels as he was earning more from some other sources. But they began to feel some niggles in their relationship, when they were already in a nuptial knot.

The downside of ' love with co-worker' is that it is not based on intense feeling or venerability on which a relatioship should evolve. Moreover, there is no family bound pressure to keep it intact as most of the time it is illicit or without the consent of family members. It is said that if you keep two pieces of stone together, they will trun to the same colour. As two peers spend such a long time together in their office, there develop a feel-good relationship. Apart from that, an extra spurt of money also stokes the relationship to a more hectic form. Eventually, it falls apart as they do not have anything new to descover among themselves.

But it does not mean we will not try to give our luck a chance. As the 'Valentines Day' is nearing, couples are more busy with their schedules on the very day. After office-time he would like to have a ride with her in the silhouette of setting sun. Whatever you do, please 'Play Safe'.

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