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Friday, February 22, 2008

Butter up with cupcake adulators

Females have been long in use in handling hard-hitting customers, welcoming new clients, hanging on to old patrons, and performing other roles better not be stated on a public platform. Be it a multi-national giant, or a pocket-sized ‘deshi’ business everyone yarns to have some beautiful-supercilious-adamant-outspoken-bla-bla-hot-shot-more importantly sweet voiced girls in the front desk, at the customer service center, at the sales promos, at the fairs, and sometimes at the boss’s room as his cheerleader, PA (Passionately Allegiant... 8). Moreover, if you are to build up demanding PR, do some event managements or may be networking, you are to get a girl, a corporate one indeed. By definition from no where, a mere corporate girl understands all the corporate issues in a corporate way. She has to have the abilities to mollify the office executives, customers, and sometimes new-potential clients.

Warid’s customer care executives (female) can be brought into attention. A one Natacha has made some of my mates screwballs. When I see them at the University I often find them dialing Warid’s 786 (Customer Care Number) to access the Voice of Enigma ... psst!...Natacha, I meant. Willingly or not, I don’t know, Warid is gaining some revenues through the voice. I don’t have any idea how many more are trying to find either a Natacha or a Batasha at Warid, GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Aktel, Citycell and so on. Not a bad idea though for the companies. Hiring someone who can profit you collaterally.

Literally speaking, it’s not always that the females willingly do it. More often they are bound by the laws of the corporate world, i.e. if you wanna set in you have to make us feel good, or else you have to walk away, and I’ll call the next candidate. I know of a few words that came past the walls of Lux-Channel-I Super Star (LCSS) competition. A lot of girls came to get famous. But very few were given chances according to how they satisfied 1. the even management team 2. the male judges 3. the bosses. Among them only three could top; and here, too, based on their internal arrangements at that level! Any girl who walks in an advertising media are faced with almost the same challenges every now and then. I can mention here about one of my friend from Rajuk College, Uttara. She was picked by a production house that was going to make a drama serial. In the first interview she was asked to wear a Saree without blouse!! Can you possibly imagine that putting your own sister in that set up?

It’s a very common practice at the corporate world nearly in every country to have seductive girls at the office premises. In GP you have the CEO as the ‘Bond’, so you have the bomb, Rubz as his ‘Bond Girl’. Where you have Mahz at the ATN, you have Eve at the ATN Muzik. Where you have Huma in the films, you have Shaoon at the shoot. Things go like this. Girls have been traded as a corporate gifts in some cases. The cooperates surely keep a keen eye on the media seeking new-arousing-previously not used girls. And it’s a secret known to almost everybody.

Now, what’s my point here? If the girls are chosen on the basis of their fastness and skin and beauty, a terrible situation may arise out of nothing! What will be the fate of the ill-looking girls, or the ones cannot understand the corporate culture to the fullest extent? Female employment growth is shrinking at a high rate according to The Daily Star. No doubt, the things I have discussed in the previous paragraphs will considerably contribute in the high shrinking rate. I have no idea how we can come out of these set ups, but can assure you, if we do not, something unusual is racing towards ... ... ... God bless all!


Rezwan said...

Ha..ha...ha that was hilarious. So many stories from corporate world.

I hear that ATN's Mahz is now blessed with Doctorate degree. Certainly money spins the world.

As for the females in the corporate world I think we need some role models who can prove their competence without using their gender preference (exploiting or being exploited).

Parveen S. Huda said...

Somehow this does not make me laugh! Sorry - even though I am not yet a hard core Feminist - but these attempts in luring the male customers into commercial traps using women - are so old yet renewed every now and then - to add more flavor and fiction. Sad!

I got some peace when Shahrukh took up the Lux ad (which was discountinued BTW) and running after guys who steal Fairness creams from girls - only to advertise for male version of the beauty cream. But still I felt ashamed - yet know that it will go on - until by some miracle - all people - men and women - stop idolizing models to buy essentials.

So, I implore - when you buy something - but it for the quality of the product and not the beauty of the model or the sweetness of the call center girl. I cannot change the world - only myself and maybe you ........?????

Sony said...

I totally agree with Mr. Rouf about girls being exploited in the corporate world. Most of the office whether it’s a local or a multinational one, they are being used as showpiece. Like some entertainment element for the guys of the office to keep their productivity going on. From my practical experience I had seen pretty girls with less talent are being recruited in the so called corporate houses while the talented but not so good looking ones with good academic results are being shown the door. No doubt those advertisement for Fair and lovely are such a big hit. The moral of the article : “Beauty sells” .

Anonymous said...

The stories of corporate world are significantly true Mr. Saeed. but there is more to it.a girl with beautiful face n with good academics(foreign degrees with first classes) too face troubles to find a place in the big corporate houses in the country unless they are also sheltered by some mamam-chcha or BHAIYAS(SENIORS from Univ.).and on top of it if you have a mind on your own which doesnt permit you to be flattered by the compliments you receive from your male colleagues and bosses.And go out for lunch or cofee shop with them.
to drw experience from my own life,i my self being in the mid 20s have moderately good looks and personality(thats whta everyone atleast says to me) and have studied in scholarships al throughtout my academic life both in BD n abroad.but interestingly I failed to find a opportunity that i deserve to get in the big corporate houses.the largest telecommunication once provided me with an opportunity but when they realized(although i'm single But OFCOURSE not ready to mingle) how difrent i'm than other pretty woman in the environment,my immediate supervisor(who is single n was looking for some opportunities) making my life miserable.He was also supported by our Department Head who is in his mid 40s and a BACHELOR in BD term(he njoyed n stayed most of his youth in USA).
the story doesnt end there. i have been showing interest in contributing media in the form of a news of my known person who is involved in media hesitating me to introduce to poeple in media as he fears of CASTING COUCH.

So grass is always not so green on the otherside.But like Mr. Saeed,i also fear about the shrinking rate.

Anonymous said...

its so true...well managed...