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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silky Kumar and the scent of desire

For those who thought traditional advertising is the only way forward, Axe and MTV has shown a masterclass execution.

For a few weeks, people were intrigued by this “Silky Kumar” character. Here is this whacky looking singer, who is a self-proclaimed superstar, appearing in MTV singing catchy tunes and giving interviews. Media was a-buzz with intrigue, who is this Silky Kumar?

As it turned out, Silky Kumar is a fictitous singer / character created by Hindustan lever and Mtv, to create hype around their brand Axe. As we all so fondly know, Axe is all about turning the heads and hearts of the opposite sex. That is what their brand promise has been consistently for some time now. This great campaign just took that concept to a next level by creating a fictitious character and song, based on the same concept - creating appeal to the fairer sex.

For all those who want to study the effect of “branded content” and how its done - check out the music video of Silky Kumar called “Scent of desire” in Youtube.

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1 comment:

Silky Kumar said...

What Hindustan Lever did with this SK character is amazing and unforeseen. I have started using Axe...not only to attract the 'opposite sex' as endorsed by Silky Kumar..but also because I truly liked the ad and feel good to be using the product too. Now this is called innovation. If we don't want to copy what they have done, are there any examples in Bangladeshi brand history of such ideas? How about Mina? It did have a different audience and message, but virtual characters as such, they go a long way in creating the impact in customer's mind.