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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What else they could have done?

I am writing this article while Bangladesh Cricket Team is playing their first ever Twenty20 Cricket World Cup (2007) in South Africa. They played their first match against West Indies, and they have won that. But the following matches left only sorrows with no achievements. Now the question comes- what else they could have done?

From the very beginning of Bangladeshi Cricket we have not been persistent in whichever way you look at us. We win one game, and then we lose in another. I have talked with a lot of cricket loving folks who have been continuously complaining about the performance of our cricket team. Yeah, we have won in some matches, along with beating the stronger teams in the World Cups, and different other tournaments. But if you take a keen look you will certainly discover that none of our victory came in a row or at a stretch. You will come across several gaps between two or more victories. Moreover, you may find some lucky incidents taking place during the games causing victory to the Bangladeshi Tigers. Though it doesn’t mean that our players cannot play well nor it means that we don’t have a good coach to train them up. It’s something else hindering our importunate victories.

We need to be accurate and persistent. We need to make more detailed plans and execute them as required. Obviously a question arises- How? An answer could be playing a lot of domestic crickets. You may raise another question- Aren’t we playing a lot? The answer is no. We are not playing enough to make our players’ performance world class. So we need to play a lot. We are to arrange a lot of tournaments. Now, in order to arrange a lot of tournaments we need huge finance. We want the finance come from the corporate giants operating in Bangladesh.

Ours is a poor country. Our government remains so busy in other activities that it often gets impossible for them to concentrate on cricket. Though I must admit our government has patronized cricket for years over different other games. Still we need a handful corporate sponsors who can give us what our cricket really needs. We have already seen some corporate giant participating in the betterment of our cricket, but we need more. We have to arrange a lot of twenty20, 1st class tournaments from where we may find our stars.

In our country huge amount of money is expensed in different advertising campaigns. If the MNCs, together with domestic sponsors patronized cricket more we could find the team Bangladesh has always been looking for.

There are many poor cricketers roaming here and there in our country. They cannot even find a chance to show what qualities they have in them. We are to find and train them hard so that the next tournament Bangladesh participates ends with some consistent victories.


Obaidul Kader said...

GrameenPhone did initiate something called 'GrameenPhone Pacer Hunt'. I don't know about its current status. Recently AB Bank has become the sponsor of the national team. But I don't know whether their role is confined to printing their logo on the jerseys or if they have any plan to invest in the improvement of our cricketing expertise. I wonder if it could be part of any CSR of any company, I also wonder if they actually care or not.

A Q M Rashed Habib said...

Yes! More MNCs should contribute towards the development of bangladeshi cricket. We should not waste any time.