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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

VAS That Does Not Add Value

I wish I had fully known and understood the value of value added services offered by our beloved "Grameen Phone". Last night I logged into GP's own website on my handset and was browsing through its contents. "The Ringtone City" or something of that sort caught my attention... i went on and found one of my favourite songs "e ajnabi" from Dil Se. The price tag showed polytone 15.oo and truetone 20.00. The later was the obvious choice to go for. Something around 30 bucks was gone and what I got in return was a recorded amr version of the song...something i can even record by my cellphone...

Dear GP, is that what a true tone is? Is that for what your so called "VAS provider" should charge 20 bucks? Is it something only the VAS provider should be resposnble for?

Although i did not like BTRC's intervention regarding cell phone charges I guess now they should look into what our operators and deshi VAS providers doing in the name of value addition.

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