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Monday, January 28, 2008

AB baby maybe worse...

What is your opinion about AB Bank's new logo? Well..though a good number of poll participants say it is 'better', here is a counterview.

"(AB Bank's new logo is) obviously not better, the previous one might be not interesting or eye catchy as a logo in terms of creative or graphical impression but that was 100% communicative to all classes of people in BD. since AB bank is a 1st generation bank, it has almost or more than 100 branches all over the country. but the new logo seems to what "sun" or nothing. if the name is omitted then individual logo has nothing, bcoz it's not a any consumer product to be popularized very quickly in a lot of mediums, without name ppl couldnt un'stand the logo immediately. whereas say 4 example as a logo of SCB, NBL, or any other bank which is may be rational or graphical type of logo, but ppl can un'stand the logo immediately coz from the 1st day of the bank they are looking a specific logo with a specific name. in this case if we omit the name, although ppl can un'stand what it is. a bank which is more than 20 years old, when it changes it's logo it should be more memorable, more communicative, more r! ationalrather than artistic. we should remember a bank is not like a telecommunication company, that in one road a telco might have 100 dealers, sub dealers, pop's, ad and many more. but in one or more than 2/3 areas covers one bank. so it's definitely worse."

Javed M. Khan Rumi replied to a Facebook message sent from the blog.


Tauseef said...

I would rather disagree with Mr. Javed. The new logo is unique and quite refreshing. The fonts are plain and simple, giving a rather subtle look of professionalism. I cannot decipher the exact meaning of the logo, but I would care less. All it does to me is that I look at the bank with new respect and new perspective, and that if I ever find a piece of paper lying on the ground with just logo on it, I know it is from AB Bank.

If you are looking for meaning, you might want to stare at GrameenPhone's blue thing, or ABN AMRO's logo - neither of which made sense to me. At the end of the day, as long as we can recognize AB Bank with a new fresh perpsective, the logo is definetely better and successful!

Net Pathik (Asif Anwar) said...

I also disagree with Mr. Javed. The logo it self has a professional look. If look closely. There are 4 ribbons, weaved into each other. This indicated friendliness and amalgamation between two countries. But, it would have been better if ribbons were Dark Green (in Both country's flag). Or 2 ribbons Green and 2 ribbons Red.

Moreover, it looks like a very popular flower Jesmin found in the Middle-east and our country as well.

Anyway, as a old company, the logo doesn't have to be old too. Exceptional Logo can actually create a brand identity. I mean the small restaurant would highlight the word "Restaurant". Because, no customer will come by seeing their highlighted name. But, prominent restaurant will never highlight the word "Restaurant".

Now, AB Bank has realized that it came out from the small bank identity. Now, they are progressing to create Brand Identity.

Omitting the name and still being able to communicate the brand identity will depend on the Bank. But, during first 3-5 years, they need to keep the whole thing together.

Again, the logo passes the One-Color test. I mean if the logo is printed in one-color, it will still have the same framework. But, Citycell's new logo badly fails in this test.

billoo mia said...

Mr asif, don b diplomatic, u adisagred wth mr tausif too...u gav a meaning 2 d logo, as opposed to mr tausif..

i can only see HSBC Joint-venture...hehehehe...WTF?!?! y do u hav 2 tak d same font n same color of a existing worldwide brand, which is popular with that sort of Color Branding..

were you short of colors, you could placed som color options, we would have voted you here in BDCOrpBlog..n hlpd u choose it...shit headed AB stuffs!!

Jesmin !!! wht wud i do wth tht?!! does tht reflect BD ?!! i didn't find any sorta relation to the bank...i dunno y u ppl take d corp side alwys, do u nid a job !?!