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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I B A manager, I B A survivor

Two things made IBA best- its intake and survival. Yes it is really difficult to enter here and more difficult to survive and passed out. As the premier business school IBA has a strong social brand value and as a public institution it is cheap. Therefore country¢s best and most informed high school graduate rush and fight here into BBA program and best engineering, applied science, science, economics, social science, arts, business, medicine and military school graduate are being attracted towards MBA program. The high level competition eventually sorts out the best talents. Another point is survival. Life at IBA is far apart from typical pro-canteen public university life and pro-fast food private university. There is no syllabus in detail at IBA, just only course title. Faculty is everything, next to the almighty. And their job is not definitely correlated with students comment as it is in private university. No two faculty at IBA are same, or not even closer in terms of academic delivery, assessment and style. Frankly speaking, you have to deal 5 different and peculiar bosses at a time during the term. Have you ever worked under 5 bosses at a time at your office. Moreover, you cannot expect that doing everything sincerely will ensure your CGPA 4.0 as in your office, promotions and increment are in somewhere else, might be asking more on your bosses childs school performance rather than your sales report! Becoz world is not enough!

In the circumstances above, IBA is a right orientation center towards business or newly termed corporate world of Bangladesh . May be IBAites have not enough hair gel over the skull but they have enough gel under the skull, to run/launch/turn around a business/not for profit organization, at least in Bangladesh. True, a comprehensive intake process, updated curricula, more qualified faculty, more academic rigour, exchange program with reputed business school like HBS, Sloan, Kellog, Tuck, INSEAD, LSE, IESE, Nanyang, CEIBS, MBS, Yale, IIM-Ahmedabad, HKUST, IUJ, Stern, Columbia, IMD and knowledge sharing from and to business leaders might produce better graduate. But economy of Bangladesh is still yet to tap full of their potentials! We should also remind that.

-Azad A. Kalam

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Myth said...

well said. good to see u that u r back with strong opinion with everything and anything