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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NSU; A Pioneer in Business Education

North South University (NSU) is the first private university in Bangladesh. Arguably, in recent years, it has established itself as a well reputable university and as a major supplier of fresh graduate in the job market. BBA is the most attractive subject in NSU as more than 65% of the total students get admitted themselves in the BBA department. However, the burning question is that whether this leading private university offers quality education to the students of BBA.

In university level, it is the duty of the students to enhance their knowledge and develop their skill for struggle of the life. It is the most important phase of the student life. ‘Think globally, act locally’ is the skill what business education tries to disseminate among students.

Hence, faculties of respective institutions have the responsibility to guide and monitor the students to conceptualize the specific course material and assess and evaluate them based on their performance. They have to be the best in the business. All faculty members of NSU have higher degrees from good foreign universities, with over 90% from the US and Canadian Universities. In my opinion, faculties of NSU deliver their level best. A few exceptions do exist. But overall, we the students of NSU are satisfied about the performance of our faculties. Especially, we have some exceptionally brilliant faculties from whom we can not only learn the course related materials but also we can find an appropriate path for our future. They are the visionary instructors and we are proud of them.

In terms of tuition fee, NSU is okay. Many people may disagree with that as many of them already have astonished at the high tuition fee that NSU charges. Brac University and IUB also charge the same tuition fee (4000/- per credit) as NSU do. However, heavy campus development fee and lab and club activity fee are burdensome for us. It would be lot better if we would not pay the development fee and then the overall fee would be reasonable.

What is the uniqueness of NSU? Why most of the students who have intended to study BBA prefer NSU over other university? Yes, the quality of faculties, efficiency of administration and standard of students make NSU a brand name in the corporate world. I have to admit that some infrastructural problems do hamper our studies but things will change a lot when NSU will shift to its permanent campus in Bashundhara.
This article is from an NSUer seeking anonymity.


Billoo Mia said...

yap, things are gonna change for the next generation, my son wil have more choices makin out with a NSU girl on chipa of bashundhara in the morning, dating an ISD girl in d afternun n hav parties wth IUB girls n ultimately grab 'F' in all d subjects..

Tanzil said...

Thanks Rouf for disclosing such a topic..well the things you have said about the faculties are so true..I have just enrolled at NSU this summer'08...but I my self also have the similar feelings...SOme faculty's are so good that they not direct us concerning our bookish lessons but also they direct us in such a way that we get to see the world through the eye of business..which is pretty cool...because before studying here I never thought of thinking in such way which I learnt after being at classes.....

Anonymous said...

ya sure what u said is kinda true but if the facilities in the new campus is not adequate then there will be BANANI BAZAR to run to and get things done. also the new nsu canteen and its oily food will be the only option for us when we'll be hungry. anyway i just hv 2 semesters to rap off i just wish good luck for the future nsuers. cheers !