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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This shouldn’t have happened

I was overwhelmed knowing Brac Bank was looted. I could not believe how people, in these days, would take this account in minds? Those who have lost their valuables, have lost almost everything. Question is those who haven’t lost a thing, will they still prefer going with BRAC? Even if I stop talking about Brac Bank, what about the other institutions in this industry? Won’t their future be shaping in unusual ways after this episode? Will their business of renting lockers sustain as it always was?

The heist is not a new occurrence in the financial institutions, for which when they make a contract with a customer they agrees upon a common phrase, as per the terms and conditions signed between the clients and the bank, the bank is not liable for stolen goods. But when there is a question of a great many families, how the top-management of the bank treats the situation is a matter to be taken into serious considerations. As of now, the bank has issued a special notice, it has been discovered that some unknown persons unlawfully entered the safe deposit locker facilities of the Dhanmondi branch of BRAC Bank Ltd and stole the contents of a number of lockers during the weekend holidays … … … BRAC Bank will continue to make every endeavor to keep the concerned locker holders informed on all developments in this regard.

Whatever the bank’s top-management does, will never sooth the abruptly beating hearts of the people who have lost their precious items. Even if they pay a handsome sum to them, it won’t lessen their anguish. I strongly believe, a mere contract for not being liable for the theft should never be taken into deliberation. Government must play a vital role here. If not, the economics of the affected families are likely to see no future.


Red & Green said...

Quite an untimely blow for BRAC Bank. It is to be seen now how the fast-growing bank deals with this shrewdly crafted man-made disaster.

bankelele said...

An unfortunate event - but one that could have happened at any bank or branch. No matter the security, thieves are always craftier, and usualy have some inside help - perhaps from some disgruntled employee.

The Bank should make some compensation, but not publicize the sums paid out