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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Email Interview 1 : Business Education in Bangladesh

Mahenoor Hassan Khan
Head of Sales
Standard Chartered Bank

1. What is your overall impression about the present standard of business education in Bangladesh?
Specifically business education is still in primitive stage in Bangladesh compared to other developing nations in Asia. However, standard is improving but in a very slow pace. Our business schools need to focus more on practical learning rather than theoretical education in order to help the students get accustomed to the real world.

2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following comment, “There is relation between what is taught in business schools in Bangladesh and what is actually practiced in work place” .
Students must be able to learn about the real world scenario at the business schools. Unfortunately a very few schools have been able to offer business education with respect to the reality.

3. What is the most important factor lacking in business education in Bangladesh?

A business student must have a strong communication skill in order to face the challenge in the competition prevailing in today’s world. Unfortunately, this is one area, where our business education failed to improve so far considerably. The second most important factor is inability to think innovatively. This quality, again, can be achieved through practical education. Books only offer cases and various events in the past, but to survive in today’s world one needs to learn about real business scenario.

4. What is the main reason a number of students consider pursuing a business degree from abroad?
Lack of faith in our education system and intention of building career abroad are the two main reasons for a good number of students pursuing a business degree from abroad.

5. What is your educational background? (Degree, university)
MBA, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

6. In your opinion, which is by far the best business school in the country?
Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

7. Does your company provide any campus placements while recruiting?

8. Which one thing would you recommend to the business teachers of Bangladesh?

Help the students improve communication skills and assist them gaining knowledge on real world activities

9. Which one thing would you recommend to the business students of Bangladesh?
Decide on your career plan first and pursue education accordingly with sincerity and diligently. Changing subjects or fields in the middle of a degree or course leads to confusion and apparently to failure to achieve proper education, which is not good for our business community.

10. Do you have any general comment regarding business education in Bangladesh?
We are in the right path in terms of business education. We have a great resource in terms of faculty members and very effective secondary and higher secondary medium of education system. All we need is to ensure is synchronization between teachers, students, education system and the real world needs. This will help develop our human resources, which will, in return, be able to enhance the reputation of Bangladesh while representing our country abroad in future.


Exchange Marketer 3 said...

I do not understand the value of question number five in this blog...funny that you put it in.

I agree with a lot that Mr Khan talks about especially about students not having adequate communication skills and about the lack of innovation.But I disagree with the part he mentions about hving a good secondary education system.I think a major reson for the lack of innovation is the fact that we are not encouraged to question what we are being taught at school, we are bounded by a rigid curriculum and not encouraged to embark on self learning.

The first thing I learnt in business school( I go to Cass if that helps)is team dynamics.Our course director mentioned that the most valuable thing he learnt at LBS was being able to work with highly egotistical individuals.

Seriously IBA is an empty instituition.The real assets are the kids who go there.Put them in a top ranking business school of the worl and then do we have a true recipe for putting Bangladesh on the global map.

Bulbul said...

Q6: In your opinion, which is by far the best business school in the country?
Ans: Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

If the question was to rank the Business Schools in Bangladesh, what could be the answer?

As I know, IBA is still in the top, just because of it's past reputation. Is it true?