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Monday, January 7, 2008

DHL Bangladesh Business Awards 2008

Amidst our quest to find out the best looking women (not always the most intelligent and smart) through Lux Miss Photogenic Contests, to find out the best performing artistes through Channel i Performance Awards and arranging them in foreign locations (imitating the Indian film industry), another awarding program had been taking place for the last 8 years in Bangladesh…the DHL Daily Star Bangladesh Business Awards…recognizing and awarding the best business performers of the country who are shaping up the corporate look of an emerging Bangladesh. The award will be given for the 8th year in 2008 and the deadlines for nominations close on 15th January. The categories are ‘business person of the year’, ‘outstanding woman in business’, ‘enterprise of the year’ and ‘best financial institution of the year’. The details of the categories, nomination process are found here. (right click and 'save target as....' if the direct clicking does not open it).

Through this business award program, the global logistics giant has affiliated itself with something which it is claiming to be the highest and best award for the business actors in Bangladesh. Critics might argue the authenticity and credibility of the selections process, the jury and even the involvement of DHL in the exercise, nevertheless it goes without saying that DHL made the first move and took the initiative to recognize and award our, may be small but significant, initiatives taken by different business heroes and their organizations for the last 8 years. However, an online nomination system hosted in DHL’s website would have attracted more response from interested Bangladeshis both at home and abroad, rather than manual nomination process through post. Also, a brief background on past winners, their accomplishments, plans and success stories can be featured in DHL website so that interested readers could have an idea about how they became successful in their fields of expertise.


Red & Green said...

I found out that the website now allows online nomination at

Good job done DHL.

amimarshal said...

I tried to look at the background of ppl being awarded. Sadly, no background given in the web of dhl. Do u have any link that can give the bg?