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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creative advertising in full swing

Undoubtedly the advertising industry in the country is booming, with so many classic advertisements and promos through various media. As always, however, we focus always on the rich and wealthy companies and tend to overlook the lower end of the spectrum. This part of the business value chain, with their mostly inherited sense of doing business, are doing their best to spread the word around about their businesses, themselves, their services and other rules and regulations concerning their activities. As the images indicate, perhaps there is much room for some improvement and hand-holding for these small businesses who are trying hard to market themselves.

1 comment:

Subhan Choudhury said...

Most of these advertisements are brain work of illiterate yet innovative people I guess. They need no degree in marketing to come up with such ads. The ones with the BBA, MBA degrees and all the marketing concepts in head, however often come up with fashionably pathetic advertisement campaigns. For instance, the one of Warid (featuring meeting loving dad and his bored doughtier) focuses on sound clarity but does not resist in showing Baba'r supernatural power - ami tor baba na! Baba hoisos to ki hoise, bujchosh to science er jore; admit that. Also the ones on baby foods and toothpastes are 90% lies and 10% truth, if not less. How about a post on this issue?