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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Daily Star making Daily Gaffes about GP

Our Staff Reporter (imaginary)

Recently it has been noticed that the leading English daily of the country, the Daily Star, has been exhibiting frequent typos and possibly unintentional errors while spelling out the name of the most visible brand in Bangladesh, Grameen Phone. First it was in the news regarding the arrival of the high profile team from Telenor, where DS mentioned 10 times Grameen Phone as 'Garmeen Phone'. Then today in the main story in the business page of the newspaper the newspapers published the following pie chart and described the share-holding structure of GP.

DS mentioned, "Until 2003, there were four shareholders in Grameenphone. Telenor owned 51 percent, Grameen Telecom 35 percent, Marubeni Corporation 9.5 percent and Gonofone owned 4.5 percent." However the pie chart for 2003 shows in red the share of Telenor to be 35% and those of Grameen Telecom to be 51%. So it is obvious that the colors and the names got swapped while the editor was caught napping or busy Facebooking. Some surprised GP acquaintances have come up with the following hypotheses keeping in view this unusual errors by the leading and prestigious national daily.

1. Either the report or the editor or both are color blind, they cannot distinguish between the colors red and blue.
Corollary: They also think and see the logo of Grameen Phone as a red propeller.( it TeleRed)
2. The MS Excel software at DS offices is malfunctioning, which generated a faulty pie chart
3. GP advertisements in DS is gradually declining, which prompted the DS to make silly mistakes to show that they don't care either
4. DS became too nervous covering the news of the GP top brass arriving in Bangladesh and they want to grab attention by calling them 'Garmeen Phone'.
5. Grameen Telecom convinced DS to show in blue color in the pie chart that it is actually them who should own the majority stake in the blue cash cow of Telenor, not the Nordics.
6. DS is still hanging over Eid and Puja holidays
7. Any other reasons.

So whatever the reason be, we wish DS well and we hope GP will see this gaffe in a 'khomashundor drishtee' (forgivingly) which unfortunately also coincided with the arrival of the Telenor's Baba, Mama, Chacha...Chairman and CEO, wonder how they would perceive this.


Rumi said...

Hehe Nice Find R&G.
Now DS has come up with the Correction

NAIM said...

Telenor (GP'S Parent company) is one of the smallest company of the world. No other country in the world they don't get the leadership in the market, even in their home scandinavia (Telia sonera is market leader there). So all the foolist bangladeshi guys think GP (Telenor) is the best. But its wrong. Randomly- Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile is the best. Grow up guys.

NAIM said...

NAIM, the main reason i think is that, GP paid to daily star for that. As GP never want that the general people of bangladesh know about the maximum shareholder of GP. So they intentionaly do this as the foolish people of bangladesh think that GP is a deshi company. its a business policy man.