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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” Rescuing Metal Lovers

The heavy metal tune with guitar gods plucking strings creating tunes that echoes in the mind for eternity seemed to have reached an end as the global music market moved towards Hip-hop and Rap leaving heavy metal lovers still holding on to good old 80’s Rock and Metal songs. With few new bands making some mark in the minds of heavy metal lovers such as Rammstein, Limp Bitzkid and Linkin Park , it seemed like the generation metal had died and only way out for us is to try adapting to hip-hop and Hindi music. With anger, frustration and repeatedly listening to decade old metal songs playing through pioneer car speakers with extra large woofer, time just stood still in the world of metal, alas, it seemed like doomsday for metal has arrived and prayers is all we got left, and prayer it is that was granted.

“Death Magnetic”, released by Metal God Metallica on September 12 straight went to Billboard charts #1 and still holding that place for two weeks now. It was all because of the great anticipation of the whole heavy metal world who just wanted to listen to Metallica and Hetfield’s voice again with new songs after their unsuccessful last released album St. Anger 5 years ago. Did the new album make its mark is the question now.

Variation is how anyone would define this new album. It is full of typical Metallica style songs with surprise tune changes, heavy distortion and fast lead guitar work to add to the pleasure. It takes a little while to get in to the tunes but once it is in your mind, you will simply want to listen to it more and more. Check out the tracks like “That was just your life” with soothing tune, “Broken, Beat, Scarred” an unconventional composition with frequent tune change, “Unforgiven 3”, as usual, a tune that will play in your mind all the time.

If you are the one not trying it out yet, go grab it, it may not be the best Metallica album ever compared to Black, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, but it none the less is a buck full of water to drench the dried throat of Metal mania’s world wide. Bangladeshi Metal Bands should definitely learn from Metallica and start practicing harder to add variation and unconventional tune change and hope our local boys will one day give rise to metal revolution.
By Mahboob Hossain


saadman sakib preom said...

K i got ur point,ofcourse metallica rulz,which i cant deny,but itz nt true dat widout metallica metal has itz end.well dey started da journey nd itz running nd it will b untill we metal freaks exist. We already gt lots of sup thrashing metal bands,even in Bangladesh.k i knw may b metal bands community z very consertive in our country,but itz al abt us.we ve 2 represent metal music 2 da world through guitar works,lyricr bla bla. We ve to represent itz taste 2 everyone. Guyz keep headbanging! Metal gona rule ova da music world,no doubt ,juz keep on patience.

Ahmed Ali said...

I heard that people liked the 'fake' cover album even more. Most recently this has been the most downloaded album on Bittorent (for those new, its a P2P internet network).

Metallica forced the shutdown of Napster and the formation of the DMCA act in the US. Many decided to pirate this album just for kicks even though they don't listen to metal. Because Metallica changed how much power the music industry has in order to sue you.

So that being said, there are very few Metallica fans in the US especially amongst internet-savvy ones. And their reputation have tanked as many online media decided not to review the album.

But listening to you, they might have more success in Bangladesh (maybe a tour?)

Anonymous said...

bro....u have given a great comment bout heavy metal........cuz now this fucking hip-hop is really annoying us........and metal was nt on the after having this type of comeback albums from iron maiden,and at last metallica,heavy metal has again coming back to life.........heavy metal will again gonna kick hip-hops asss!!!!!!!!!!