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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Customer Care Dilemma

Ok you are seeing a pic I took, I hope this tower is called BTS, cos I have been looking for BTS ever since I had this little experience with my clearly ahead mobile subscription provider. I didn't know that it is important to know for a subscriber the location of this operator's BTS. The problem is I am not at all sure how to specifically locate this operator's BTS. So I am photographing all the BTS from my veranda cos I had this experience and I have another complain to make and for that I should better be prepared.

It happened so that I was staying in Chittagong for few days, and I found out that my heavily used mobile internet was shying to work in there. So I called up the customer service to inform the situation. ironically the guy who picked up is probably from Dhaka and doesn't know any place in Chittagong. Well that is not ironic, the ironic part was that, he was so keen to know my location that he started to ask questions after questions! to solve the problem. So I gave my address and the Thana in where I was residing. I thought that should be enough but this guy was irresistible, he asked about the adjacent thanas about which I had no idea. But enthusiastically this guy added, this is like dhanmondi thana is adjacent to mohammadpur thana and so your thana should be adjacant to some thana! (and I thought this guy needed a map and maybe he is bad in geography!). Now he asks (since I don't know about the adjacant thanas) "have you seen where the BTS is? How far it is from your house?" Ah so that was on this guys mind, to locate the BTS from the adjacent thanas, I understand!! But how on earth I should know where are the BTS located, they may be on some high-rise building, and I have no way to tell which one is grameen and which one is aktel. But most importantly I didn't know that it was important to know the location of your nearly BTS. Otherwise you will not be able to inform the Customer Care and they will not be able to take any action, and just as I was thinking after disappointing this guy, the line went "poof", call drop! yes while complaining about internet service a new symptom has arisen. I wonder what this operator would do. And how many like me would be passionately ready to complain these problems. Like now I am taking pics of all the BTS nearby my house in Dhaka. cos for few days I am experiencing calldrops and weak network from here as well. And now if the customer care asks about BTS I can send all the pics of the BTS and they could decide which one is theirs and from there they could (I certainly hope so!) solve my problem.

And finally this note is not to hurt anyone, I hope the companies in customer service would understand its importance and put proper support to satisfy the customers who are in trouble. Another thing is that since the customers are now charged to get the service, (probably 1 tk per/min or something) the persons providing the service would shorten their enquiry, or if required they should call back (even when a calldrop occurs while talking to the customer service).


আলাবালার বাপ said...

একটেল-এর আরো কিছু কাহিনী শোনেনঃ-

১. তখন একটেল 'জয়' এর মৌসুম। বেশ আগ্রহ কইরা কিনলাম। দুই মিনিট পর পর লাইন ড্রপ হয়। মেজাজ গেল খারাপ হইয়া। গেলাম হেগো ধানমণ্ডি অফিসে। শুধু গালাগালি বাকি রাখছিলাম, ধুমায়ে চিল্লাইতেছি। এক ম্যানেজার টাইপের লোক আইসা ভিতরে নিয়া গেল। সমস্যা জিগাইলো। আবার গোড়া থেকে কইলাম। সে অনেক হাবিজাবি ভুং ভাং বুঝাইল। আমার মেজাজ চরমে উঠলে ঐ ব্যাটার স্যুট-বুট উপেক্ষা কইরা কইলাম, 'ইচ্ছা হইতেছে আপনারে কইষা একটা চটকনা লাগাই।' শালার মুখ চিপসায় গেছিল।

২. অনেক আগে হেগো পোস্টপেইড ইউজ করতাম। হঠাৎ কইরা একদিন দেখি ইয়া বড় বিল! দেইখাই একটেল গুষ্টি উদ্ধার করতে ইচ্ছা হইল। দিলাম ফোন কাস্টমার কেয়ারে। এক মেয়ে ধরল। ইনায়ে বিনায়ে আমারে বহুত বুঝ দিল হে। কিছু চিল্লাচিল্লির পর অয় সোজা হইয়া গেল, বুঝল যে আমি সহজ পাবলিক না। হের লগে প্রায় ঘন্টা খানেক কথা হইছিল। আমার স্পষ্ট মনে আছে কথার মাঝখানে হে কইছিল, হে নিজে একটেল ইউজ করে না কারন তাগো বাসার আসে পাশে একটেলের কোন নেটওয়ার্ক নাই!

পোস্টটা বেশ ভাল হইছে তানভীর ভাই।

Shehzaad said...

nice comments 'anabanar bap', nothing compares to some raw Bangla feedback. Carry on.