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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cut your Billboard to make good impression

Haven't seen much of variations in billboard in our country, maybe it is difficult to do so, and that's I like to highlight the following for taking a bold step in breaking out of the billboard.

The billboard is placed at Jatrabari, and I took a quick snap from the bus I was traveling. Reminded me of one billboard pic I have seen from Kodak in some presentation. The idea was similar, in the billboard hot chanachur has burnt part of the billboard, in the Kodak ad, there was a hole from where you could see a park, the hole was shaped as a photograph and the billboard read "capture the real moment with Kodak (or something like this, I forgot)".

I really loved this one and I hope to see some more creative billboards like these in here. Also it has to make good sense and truly connected with the consumer insight. Hope the agencies and the marketeers are listening. And below you can see few other examples:


Shehzaad said...

honestly, there had been a plethora of similar looking billboards mushrooming around the country, I am kind of sick and tired...'kaachey thakte thakte' and 'kotha ditey ditey'...its a veritable visual pollution for nothing...what you are proposing is a breathe of fresh air as far as innovation in outdoor advertising is concerned, we would love to see more of these around us.

Tanvir said...

well said. Thanks Shehzaad bhai. I am sure there wouldn't be much problem to impress the billboard space renters to modify the design for the sake of creativity and innovative communication.