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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Be the best transporter!

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is the best transporter. People can hire him out as a mercenary “transporter” who moves goods. Frank is the best in the business and he has never broken the rules. One of his rules is to transport things in due time and safely, without asking questions. That’s why he is known as the best in the business. Well it’s all about movie stuffs. But you can also be the transporter in real life – be the best in moving among the maze we call Dhaka. All we need is a little thing called “membership system”.

In our country, to move from one city to another city bus service is one of the major transports. What we do is just purchase the tickets and ride on the bus. But when occasions/holidays come, we see the real rush. People even don’t get a single ticket sometimes, not to mention the problem of standing in long cues and not getting tickets. What if we change this process to make the thing easier?

Introducing membership system in transport business. Each member will get an ID number. So that people can book their tickets over the net or through SMS. People even don't have to come to the office and stay in line to book tickets. This idea will help the company to implement the power of technology to satisfy the customers. Another thing that can be done for is to add a “mileage” option. If it can be done 50000 miles up in the air, it can be done in the road and highways as well. Regular travelers can be offered an extra ride without paying for the trip. This offer will motivate the travelers to get this advantage. Thus the company will get more loyal customers.

So why won’t you take this chance and be the very first one to evaluate such services to be the best transporter?


Saeed Bin Rouf said...

Good idea, but not good enough for Bangladesh. In our country except for the big festivals the transports are always at your reach. You get rush only in the festival time, not all the year round. So the transpot businessfolks will not take an interest to set up a brand new system like the one you have cited in your article. Moreover, most of the people will not be interested in internet booking (assuming almost all of these commuters do not use the internet) and sms (thinking sms doesn’t promise your ticket while getting tickets live is more secured to book seats).
You konw, you cannot apply all the things in the same platform. Which is better for the air may not suite land.
Anyway, good thinking.

Mohammad Jobaed Adnan said...

Well Saeed, can you please jump on a roller coaster which would take you back to the past? Then you’d see people of Bangladesh didn’t think about the potentiality of credit/debit card things. But now, even you must have one or more card(s). The reality is, you need to create a scope to utilize power of innovation to make the life easier. During the weekend, there are a good number of people do move from one city to another. So we have a very good opportunity to evaluate this idea.

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