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Monday, October 8, 2007

Our grandmas can tell story with socks

Swiss Netgranny is a collective of 15 grannies who knit socks on demand and sell them online. Customers can choose their favourite granny from a gallery of 'Grosis', which includes information on why the women knit ('not for money, just to pass the time') or about their professional credentials ('at age 6, I taught my 4 year-old sister to knit'). Customers pick the colour of their socks, or opt for a surprise design. After placing an order, their personal sock-knitting granny will take approximately two weeks to knit the pair of socks, which are sold for CHF 39 (USD 33 / EUR 26) a pair, including delivery. Netgranny was founded by Swiss fashion label Tarzan, who have created a product loaded with storytelling opportunities. While socks are generally a bland clothing commodity, this line of foot apparel lets customers pull up the leg of their trousers and share a great story with their friends or family.

Amazing concept isn't it? With hundreds and thousands of 'nanimas' and 'dadimas' at our homes and back at 'desher bari', will any Bangladeshi corporate come forward to patronize and brand these old women, whom we otherwise would have thought, useless or not worthy of generating income. If Farzana Shakil, Aneela Haque and Maheen Khan are the upstream fashion designers, who knows we can promote some 'buri nanis' from rural Bengal to start carve a niche in the designers wear market, albeit from the downstream. Bibi Russell can think about it.

1 comment:

shiyak said...

thats amazing...the way they market therir things from nothing.

i think we could do that as every home in the village has some artwork made my moms and nannys (i even presented a little lecture on that earlier today knowing nothing about this and without any imagination of marketing this). i am waiting who will come forward and save our nannys