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Friday, October 26, 2007

No Chinta Do Foorti Today

Not much foorti on radio today is what Mr. Chintito wants to say in the Star Magazine. Read the whole story in the linked page to know why. I would just say what I have to say here.

Only if we could put a hold on our insatiable wants and needs and desire and expectation and complaints. Even yesterday, we didn't have any popular radio in place, now we have a few, and we have already started complaining. Neither do I work for these radio channels nor I am married to any of them, I think its a superb initiative to be the least. I also assume there is plenty of room for growth for these radio channels in terms of their content, quality and standard. But for all these, we need to nurture their efforts and encourage them.

I also sometimes make fun of the Benglish accent of few of the RJs and the way they speak in their intoxicated voice. But it is not fair to generalize the lot. After all, they have just started, they need to adjust to what the market demands and likes. Mr. Chintito also talks about the invasion of Hindi songs in the radio channels. Cultural invasion is inevitable in today's world of globalization, its better to compete head on rather than eliminating competitors. Now if you ask why does not Indian radio channels play Bangla songs, we say its because of the inefficiency of your generation. The 'old is gold' generation could not even penetrate into the music/media industry of West Bengal and now they are lamenting the invasion of Hindi songs into Bangladeshi radio channels. We should also keep in view the immense exposure these channels are giving to 'previously unknown' or 'little known' music talents from Bangladesh who sing in Bangla ofcourse. I am sure these critics would fall short from criticizing even the Band music of Bangladesh, terming it as 'noise'. So if you are in a position not to be satisfied with any dish, why cook for you in the first place.

I assume we have enough bandwidth/frequency in the spectrum to accommodate more private radio channels. We have the lowest number of radio channels in the region. I hope somebody would soon take the initiative to launch 'radio oteet', 'radio gotokal', 'radio yesterday' etc. and play songs from 50s and 60s only so that those who are bothered with 'radio foorti' and 'radio todays' efforts can keep their 'chintas' at bay.

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