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Monday, October 8, 2007

To eat or not to eat the apple?

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Although God forbade once upon a time to eat apples made in heaven, humans were too allured by the serpent, so they went ahead, ate the apple and got a posting from heaven to earth. Courtesy Baba Adam and Babes Hawa, we are here, reading and writing this post.

VoIP was kept like an attractive juicy apple hanging from a tree. We all knew about the nutrient value of the apple, we tried...but we could not control our temptation, so I ate it, you ate it, everybody ate it. Now when the BTRC Gods came to the Eden Gardens to take a stroll, they found that the forbidden apple had started to decay, thanks to Bangladeshi mobile companies, ISPs, large conglomerates (like KDS Group) and to other 'entrepreneurs'. So the Gods decided to unleash their wrath. GrameenPhone is counting 168.4 crore taka as fine to BTRC, admitting 'its involvement in illegal call termination activities'. Industry siblings like Aktel, BanglaLink are also expected to confess their 'sins' and embrace divine punishment. Too bad for the new GP lead, starting the office with a public apology to the government for the 'mess created previously'. Nevertheless, what else could have you said other than a polite and honest 'sorry'.

So the question arises, who is right? the doctor or the God? If the doc says that the apple is good for health, why God doesn't let me eat it?

1 comment:

Red & Green said...

Banglalink pays Tk. 125 crore for eating the forbidden apple. Was the apple really so tasty or is the punishment really too heavy?