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Friday, October 26, 2007

David Copperfield in a mission to get our consumer rights back to us!

I used to believe that illusionists know the trick to be invisible. They can either make themselves disappear or they can perform some tricks to make any object disappear. Salute to the one and only David Copperfield as he knows even a better trick to disappear the Statue of Liberty. But the good news to all Americans is he can bring the Statue of Liberty back to them.

I would rather say that we have got better illusionists here in Bangladesh than any other country has. Our great illusionists can perform such groundbreaking tricks that our consumer rights be disappear forever. May be it is good for our illusionists. But our poor consumers, where would they seek their consumer rights? Don’t they deserve to get their rights back? Of course they do. Who will ring the bell? Should we hire David Copperfield to save ourselves? I am sure it would be the hardest challenge for him to get our consumer rights back to us. Now it is high time to see who wins the battle of the illusion?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We people are really in need of our consumer rights back. Think about from the product purchase to cng/cab rent.... In everywhere we're in need of consumer rights. We need a super hero to save ourselves.