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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Show me how you cook it for me

Only the most fastidious are likely to look up the health inspection records of restaurants before deciding on a place to dine. And even if they are curious enough to look, actually finding those records could be a chore, since they’re often buried deep within a government agency website. CleanScores provides a hassle-free alternative for hygiene conscious diners in San Francisco. Look up the name of a restaurant on CleanScores’s website and the first thing you’ll see is the score awarded to the eatery during its most recent health inspection. In addition to listing health code violations (ranging from major to minor), there’s even a graph comparing scores during its three most recent inspections, along with a form for visitor comments.

Two weeks back, I had the misfortune of discovering and tasting a boiled plastic piece inside my Tandoori Chicken at the Ananda Restaurant at Old Airport. Surely, I didn't pay for it and walked out yelling on the face of the apparently 'repentant' staff at the restaurant. I remember Bukhara introducing a 'see-through kitchen' policy at their premises at Banani. Inspite of surprise raids of Rokonman and his sidekicks, our 'creative' cooking gurus still are cooking up innovative dishes for us to consume and die eventually, while they keep on becoming richer. May be a third-party endorsement similar to CleanScores can put some sort of credibility in our minds, when we decide where to eat and where not the restaurants in Bangladesh.

1 comment:

ZI said...

Why cant we have a similar (like CleanScores) institution here in BD???? May be under BSTI or an autonomous body!!!