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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bangladesh Corporate Ambition

We used to have discussions cum addas with friends in Stratford, London regarding brain drains, careers, settlements etc. One group argued that after we (Bangladeshi students) get educated in foreign universities, we should return home to serve our country. The other group argued that after we get educated in foreign countries, we should stay back. Why? Because every Bangladeshi in a foreign land is an ambassador of the country. They should establish businesses, seek careers abroad so that their eventual accomplishments could be attributed to their being Bangladeshi as well. Moreover a ‘bridge’ can be created between those who return home and those who stay back abroad. Ideas, learnings, technology, finance can be transported and transformed over this ‘bridge’. So we agree on this point and concluded our ‘adda’.

Think about this, you are the branch head of a world famous Bangladeshi conglomerate, your office is in New York, London, Sydney or in Tokyo. You recruit natives to serve in your ‘Bangladeshi’ company. You earn a name for yourself, your company and above all, your country. Wishful thinking you think? Well may be for now, but we hope it becomes a reality in our lifetime.

Think of people like Omar Misho who belongs to Pageflakes, or Javed Karim of YouTubes who have their roots in Bangladesh and have perfectly associated the red and green flag with their business ventures abroad. We also feel part of their success and take pride in belonging to the same nation as they do. We heard that even Pran Group and Beximco Group have set up their offices mostly in Africa and they are doing pretty well there. We are sure many other Bangladeshi firms are around the globe trying to make a business out of their hard-earned savings, networks and experience. We wish them luck and hope to see Bangladesh Incorporated stand tall and high in foreign lands.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right and wish you all the success in all your endeavours.
I think, the so called "Brain Drain" is our INVESTMENT in the foreign countries. Now we all know we are trying to make a better Bangladesh and it have already started to happen!Still its not the right to call back the MOST VALUABLE INVESTMENTS from abroad. But it really is empowerment for us for the present and future.
So BIG BROTHERS, BEST OF LUCK FOR YOU AND BE PREPARED(THOSE WHO WANNA COME BACK)when the new generation calls you to serve your nation.

from Bangladesh:

Anonymous said...

From which university they have graduated?

Anonymous said...

I should say Omar and Javed Karim are proud of our country. I personally know Omar Mishu, he've graduated from AIUB. I knw another guy named Sabur, he was aslo from aiub now in the R&D of google HQ.