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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Somewhere to have fun in!

Is it a wishful thinking to think of more multiplex cinema theatres in Dhaka? Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City shopping mall attempted to do something in that direction but in my personal opinion, I find the movies they show to be stale, old and unpopular. I don’t know the exact reason why latest English and Hindi movies are not shown in Bangladeshi theatres. I remember Modhumita Cinema started to show English movies but that too, fell apart.

Next comes the issue of amusement parks. Shishu park, Wonderland, Fantasy Kingdom and Nandan Water Park. Thanks to Concord Group that we have atleast a place where we can go with friends and family and have a splash and some joyrides. You know better if there is stable demand for your facilities or not but I keep on hearing from people around that there is an extreme scarcity of amusement/entertainment in the capital city of 10 million plus people. They say, ‘there is nothing to do in Dhaka, nowhere to go, you only have shopping malls and restaurants, no pubs, no discos, no theme parks, no cinemas etc.’ Well we all know we are having ‘everything’ behind doors for a long time but as the middle class is getting equipped with more buying power, they are demanding more to spend on entertainment I guess. Any plans to entertain us a bit more? So that we get rid of the habit of becoming couch potatoes, stop watching movies in our cosy living rooms, go out and watch movies that the world is watching too. So that we can reduce loitering around in shopping malls, reduce eating away in fast food chains, gossiping and gaining weight. Rather we would love to go out, out of the four-wall-bound-entertainments and see how we can have fun out in the sun. Just a food for thought for our developers.

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