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Thursday, June 28, 2007

BATB strengthens its smoking channels

FE Reports
British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) recently organised the first-ever Key Account Training for Excellence (KTX) session in the country. The training was conducted for enhancing the professional and management skills of the employees of a superstore in the context of Bangladesh. The first session of the programme was held with the employees of Meena Bazaar at Meena House in the city.BATB inaugurated the training by highlighting the company's philosophy to work with special channels as a partner to enhance the profitability of the outlets, and facilitate resource development. The training was highly appreciated by the participants. BATB has plans to roll out similar programmes in the country's other superstores as an ongoing support to the emerging industry.
Pretty interesting move by the tobacco king to set its sight on the infant retail sector of Bangladesh. While big names like TESCO stepping into the retail foray in neighboring countries, no wonder Bangladeshi retail industry is also gearing up with Meena Bazar, Agora, Nandan etc. leading the rally. These retail stores are very important points of sales for selling BATB's products, so its obvious that they will come forward in their capacity building. While keeping an eye on how BATB tackles anti-smoking campaigns and activities, its worth having a close notice of the tiny retail sector of the country too, where there is room for new entrants and for expansion.

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