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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dutch Bangla Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility

On its 11th Anniversary, Dutch Bangla Bank comes up with a page long display in leading dailies highlighting its CSR activities. It claims that it had donated Tk. 22 crore in 2006 for various social commitments. More can be found here. Some of its headings include Providing support for higher education & research, Medi-care services for rural people, Prothom-alo Ganit Utsab, Plant trees save environment, Anti drug addiction, save the nation from the curse of dowry, developing financial assistance to help develop medical infrastructurestop acid violence, caring patients living with AIDS, operation facilities for VVF and prolaps uterus etc.
It seems the bank only does not have the largest network of ATMs (139) in the country, it also has a large and long list of CSR activities too. With a share price soaring around 2000 tk. (100 tk. face value) and increasing by the day, the bank has surely gained investors' and consumers' confidence. I would love to learn what other banks are doing in this CSR front. Meanwhile...good going DBBL.


Anonymous said...

They also hold the record for the largest single donation I believe for a hospital (as rumors are running about they are going to break their own record again).

Their earnings every year are strong despite the CSR. I keep hearing DBBL's Chairman is the main proponent of the CSR spending

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you why other banks will never be able to do CSR the same scale of DBBL:
-DBBL has 7 altuistic board members while other banks have atleast 30 looting members
-DBBL board members don't rob their own bank (as evidenced by Tk 4000 share value, whose face value was Tk 150 to begin with)
- there is no 'chanda' or 'ghush' concept
-DBBL donates in the medical community for what?, shouldn't this be the job of Bangladesh pharmaceutical companies?
-DBBL's chairman is a visionary for the bank and its CSR activities.
-DBBL sacks people like they mean it (it sacked Koyes Sami from MD position after 2 months long before he robbed Oriental Bank)
-Out of the around 40 banks in Bangladesh, Citibank NA chose to partner with DBBL. Its not a coincidence when the largest financial company in the world decides to partner with you.