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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Remarkable initiative of Meena Bazar

FE reports
Meena Bazar has taken an initiative to send its 150 former employees for schooling.These employees became jobless after Meena Bazar's two outlets were closed recently. The management was faced with the challenge of laying these employees off. Instead they sent them back to school.The school is a full-fledged institution where the students are learning various topics of retailing and English. It will continue even after Meena Bazar starts its operation. The initiative to develop its own people is remarkable by its nature. This is just one of the ways that Meena Bazar, as a conscious corporate citizen company, is rewarding and empowering the people who have worked for it.The students were enthusiastic and dedicated to the school. After a month of schooling, the teachers also became satisfied at their performance, and believe they can uphold high standards in the retailing industry.Meena Bazar COO Pravin Robin David said, "It is unbelievable that with such resources in the country, Bangladesh is still one of the least developed countries. The strength of the country is its people, who are hard-working, have the ability to overcome any hurdle, and are very motivated. And we will continue to develop and provide jobs for the youths of the country."
Hats off to Meena Bazar for setting an example. Now we have retail chains joining the CSR bandwagon....Agora, Nandan are you listening?

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