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Friday, June 29, 2007

Student brains ad money

The 3rd Dhaka Advertising Festival will begin at Sonargaon Hotel on September 7 aiming at cementing the ties between the participants and visitors. A competition on the print, outdoor and other creative advertisings by the young and ambitious people will be held during the two-day festival, the Advertising Club Dhaka, the festival organiser, disclosed this at a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Saturday. The festival organising committee said the festival would provide opportunities for advertising and marketing people to work together for the industry, where outstanding advertising ideas would be encouraged and rewarded. The festival will feature exhibition on outstanding print and outdoor advertisements, television commercial screening, cultural programme and discussion on advertising theory and practice by local and international scholars. The theme of the festival is ‘Advertising-Redefined’, the organisers said adding that everyday the concept of marketing communication was changing with the changes of consumer needs. Organizers said without catering to the consumers’ demand and bringing required changes in the products and ideas one cannot sustain in the present-day competition. They also said the advertising industry in Bangladesh was growing in confidence and international competitive standard and they believe that festival will be an ideal forum for advert firms and visitors.

No wonder our ad firms have matured over time in terms of conceptualization, use of technology and creativity. Asiatic MCL, Adcomm, Mattra, Bitopi, Windmill, Unitrend etc. have timed their 'coming of age' with the growth of various sectors in the country. Nevertheless, the word is in the air that the mushrooming of ad agencies is facilitating the exploitation of creative students. Many ad agencies are using these students to work for them so they 'gain experience', the companies are selling those creative designs, concepts to high prices to corporates and worst of all, many such student workers are complaining of not getting paid and being harassed by the management! Many such vibrant brains from IBA, NSU, IUB, Charukala Institute, etc. are alleged to have been exploited by a few ad agencies in this way. Lets hope the ad agencies will continue maturing and coming up with world class advertisements for their clients, but at the same time, lets give due credit to those young student brains who are helping you get that big ad deal.

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Anonymous said...

Mattra is still makes the crappiest shit out there.