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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Close up tomakei khujche Bangladesh!

The world is on the lookout for a 'famous' Bangladeshi female business official. The number of daily searches in Google and other blogs who mention her name that led users to Bangladesh Corporate Blogs never seem to decline. Some of the keywords even asked for her 'gallery', 'album', 'pics' and other keywords not worthy of mention here. Some are also discussing raunchy speculations on how her employers, sensing trouble ahead, conducted a successful 'hoodiny act' and moved her 'behind the curtains', some even guessed that she might be out of the country too.

All this curiosity about this particular person, her whereabouts, links to other corporates in recent headlines etc. make me wonder, 'why do we bother?'. One thing is for certain that as more and more women would be inducted in our corporates, male counterparts will have to readjust how they perceive their female colleagues, their capacities, their expertise etc. It seems as if if a female colleague, executive happens to be externally attractive too, it fuels, to some extent, typical male fantasies. I don't intend to embark on a debate over women's rights and gender disputes. Office spouses, office fantasies and 'all other non-official' male-female activities etc. are normal and are bound to happen everywhere in the world, in any workplace. I just think that we should be prepared for this upcoming trend in Bangladeshi companies. As there might be many more good looking female colleagues, bosses and sub-ordinates. We might need to work with them, order them and on top of all, might have to 'follow orders from them'. So two proposals in the end, for those who want to embrace happily female workforce into their midst---lets put their expertise primary, their external beauty, personal lives secondary. For those who still can't get over the sex appeal, make a website like Dhaka hotties, propose a few more names, so that we can have a competition at hand and give that 'person in question' some rest from repetitive woman-hunt done in Google.

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