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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why bd dot coms bite the dust?

The favorite prefix and/or suffix for a Bangladeshi web start-up usually is 'bd'. Do you agree? Following the arrival of , we have seen a plethora of '' or '' or '' or ''. I wonder how many of these bddotcoms actually generate cashflow? If they cannot, why are they not able to make it big. With the immense outreach of internet, the audience is global, so is the market. Then why are these websites not very popular or well-known or heavily used? has certainly capitalized its first mover advantage by being the first online job portal of the country, it has created a brand image among the job-seekers and employers. Many 'me-too' websites followed like, etc. but I think every job-seeker usually does not forget to hit atelast once. We also have sites like, etc. which are meant to serve different market segments, both locally and internationally. But how many of us know and use them regularly?
Somehow these creative ideas seem to get lost in the internet information overflow. Probably due to lack of solid business model, strategic planning and perseverance, marketing strategy, they wither away. They might be having very well-designed websites with excellent service offers, but nobody knows about it, even if somebody knows about it, they don't always use it, or use it at all. is lucky to have carved that niche where it is visited by users who feel the need to visit that site. I am sure there are lots of other interesting business ideas floated by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs on and off the web, we probably just need to revisit the strategy how we want to promote, popularize and sustain those dotcom ideas.

1 comment:

Ayon said...

It will take 2-3 more years for the dotcom business to flourish in Bangladesh. Lack of initiatives from young ppl is another problem. In our country entreprenuership is not encouraged.