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Thursday, June 28, 2007

GP ISP WIMAX and all that jazz!

bdnews24 reports
Grameenphone plans to roll out an ambitious WiMax project to conquer a new front—fixed wireless broadband access to Internet. But the planned move has caused ire among internet service providers (ISP) who dubbed the latest GP adventure as disruptive and against fair competition. Its management is tight-lipped about the high-speed wireless network strategy to comprehensively to hold sway over the broadband market. The dominant cellphone provider that commands 62 percent market share is also the largest ISP thanks to its 2.3 million GPRS and EDGE mobile internet users, though these services are hamstrung by bandwidth constraints.
Actually GrameenPhone has become so big that even if they make the most subtle move, it is bound to disturb a few here and there. This VoIP thingie had been going on very well and some mobile phone companies and ISPs had been hands in gloves in the trade. No wonder most of them will still be out of the reach of law, because they are 'big'. Enough of mud-throwing had been going on as well between the ISPs and the mobile operators. Now this latest tussle over WiMAX is set to take their cold wars to a new level. We, as users, have to wait and see who wins, we consumers just do not want to lose out any more, that is the last request.


S M I Chowdhury said...

Seems interesting.

Raju said...

Seems very very interesting for thos who use internet in bangladesh.........

Anonymous said...

The main reason Grameenphone has taken up this WiMax project is to get recognition as an ISP. Thus, even if the lisence for voip is given to the ISPs GP will be there to get it's fair share. And we all know that one this is done no one will be able to race against GP. Thus, another monopoly will be born.

Samia said...

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