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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bole otho shob na bola kotha

The National Board of Revenue has sealed the warehouse of Warid Telecom in Tejgaon on charges of dodging value-added tax and supplementary duty. The NBR official, asking not to be named, told that the new mobile operator did not show correct figures of SIM card sales in its tax returns. The warehouse was closed Thursday night. The NBR official said Warid had sold or delivered about seven lakh SIM cards from the warehouse from May 9 to May 31, but paid VAT and supplementary duty on about two lakh. The warehouse will be open after the telecoms operator pays the full amount of VAT and supplementary duty on the SIM and scratch cards, delivered from the warehouse, the NBR official said. Speaking on behalf of Warid, M Shamsur Rahman, CEO of Impact PR, said: "The allegations are not entirely true." And Rahman added: "It’s also not true that it had been entirely shut down." "The tax collectors raised a question about VAT, which is expected to be resolved next working week," Rahman told.

Warid seem to have started their innings in Bangladesh with bouncers from new Bengal Tiger fast bowlers like ACC and NBR who are taking full advantage of the pace-friendly pitch, tailor-made to benefit the home team. Warid batsmen are trying hard to ward off the challenges and create partnerships. They are also hitting a few boundaries, over boundaries in the form of cheaper call rates, attractive offers, melodious jingles etc. much to the amusement of the crowd who always cheer equivocally for foreign teams, as long as they play good cricket…or do good business that truly serves the consumers. I also liked the Warid jingle sang by Habib, would love to know who directed it, composed it etc. We would also like to know, as the jingle also says ‘bole otho shob na bola kotha….geye otho shob praaner gaan’, about Warid’s match fixing allegations. One cricket team has defamed itself with links to betting mafia and match fixing, bringing shame to the game. I hope Warid don’t mimic the antics of that cricket team. Lets play fair, after all, cricket is a gentleman’s game.

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