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Monday, June 4, 2007

Bangladeshi Corporate Idols

Just a passing thought in my mind that many of our big corporate brands had their roots stuck deep in massive endless mindless corruption. Companies like Partex, Bashundhara Group, Rangs etc. have started to appear in front of our eyes for the wrong doings of their founders. Somebody was arguing the other day that Bangladesh's internal industrial base has been set up by these people who are in the 'favorites list' of Anti Corruption Commission now. The gentleman was arguing that even though these people are being brought to justice for their limitless greed now, it goes without saying that they remain (atleast till the time they got arrested) to be the biggest investors, movers and shakers of the country's business domain. With them being befriended by interrogators from Joint Forces, it is to be seen now how the businesses in Bangladesh react to it. It is also to be seen how many more businessmen join the 'guest list' prepared by ACC. So I just wonder and ponder and wipe away my sweat using a Bashundhara tissue looking at the massive Bashundhara Shopping Mall, Rangs Bhaban etc. while sipping water from a Mum bottled by Partex Beverages...that all these that I, as a consumer, am seeing now and using now, are made by people who are, in simple words, criminals. True that they must have employed thousands of people, but their wrongdoings probably outweigh their 'eye wash' tactics of employment creation, CSR etc. But I ask, is it the way it is supposed to be? Is it elsewhere too or just in Bangladesh? Who do we have as our Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or as Azim Premji or Ratan Tata? I am sure we have corporate champions who keep low profile and we have those who made loud noises, got corrupted and are behind bars now. I only hope that we can find some role models in our business world who can set true examples of hardwork, honesty, leadership and all that we aspire in a true corporate idol.


Mrs Panstreppon said...

I have a lengthy post going at the TPMCafe about Curt Weldon in Bangldesh (link below). Yesterday, I read that Weldon's firm, Defense Solutions,is going to conduct a "corruption investigation" into the Bashunhdara Group.

Defense Solutions has no experience investigating corruption. It mainly lobbies the US military on behalf of defense contractors and is an international arms dealer.

Akbar Sobhan must be a bigger crook than you think he is. Curt Weldon is one of the most corrupt members of Congress in recent memory and he has been under federal investigation for more than a year.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Wrong link. Try this one:

Mrs P